Wild Soul Movement:
A mind-body program for women who are tired of being tired and ready for TRUE self-love, trust, and empowerment 
Gets your thoughts, feelings, and intuition synced up so you can stop feeling stuck or driving yourself crazy with thoughts and worries.
Helps you release past experiences and patterns and form new ones that are more aligned with the lifestyle you want and deserve.
Opens you up for more pleasure, joy, and ease in your life, helps you set boundaries, ask for and receive support you desperately need (whether you're willing to admit that yet or not).
Helps you remember that you are a WOMAN, reconnects you with those long-forgotten super powers.
1) Being part of a global community of like-minded women
Ever feel like you don't belong, or can’t relate with that many people? Or like it's easier to share yourself with people who don't know you personally because they're more objective? The best way to press fast forward on your results is to surround yourself with people working towards similar goals. You will love connecting and bonding with Wild Soul women on the same path as you and finally being seen, met and accepted.
2) Major focus on YOUR results and experience
This is the stuff of REAL transformation. A lot of programs, books and events don’t work in the long term because they either only really get you started OR are designed for the masses and therefore work for the few. Wild Soul Movement is designed to guide you and FULLY support you through your process, which will be you unique. I am here to help you continue taking appropriate steps forward and making progress. You will not be left hanging to figure anything out on your own. 
3) Monthly access 
Once a month on our Community Q+A call I am your coach. You can ask me anything you want. A lot of programs are super hands off. Wild Soul Movement is very hands on. These calls are a monthly boost of Wild Soul support mixed with powerful insight. When you know you can't make it to the live call, you can pre-submit a question since they’re always recorded, then listen later at your own convenience and follow up on what you listened to in the Facebook group.
4) The method works brilliantly
Wild Soul Movement takes a multi-dimensional approach to healing and transformation which is why it is so effective and the results LAST. Your body and mind shouldn't be at odds with each other all the time. We address that directly through guided topics (listed below) and mantras that work together for full spectrum results. 
Wild Soul Success Stories:
Sarah Enrico...
"Wild Soul Movement was the first program of it's kind that I had ever done, or even considered. I think my main concern was whether or not I'd fit into this world being a total novice at the time. I was looking for new ideas surrounding weight loss and at best, I maybe could have verbalized that I didn't like the negative self talk and emotions I had towards myself because of my weight. But the description about working in vs. working out really grabbed me and I felt like I had stumbled on something unique even if I was a little nervous that I'd be getting myself into something I knew nothing about. That little voice inside just told that this program was more in line with what my heart was looking for at the time. Now, a few years later, I see that saying yes to WSM opened doors in my mind and body that can't be closed (you can't unlearn things once your mind has been expanded). It's become about way more than just weight loss for me. Connection to and appreciation for my body, wherever she's at, are two big benefits I've found from the program and those are things, on a conscious level at least, that I didn't even know I was missing before I started."
Alvely Alcantara...
"I've been following you since about 2012 or even before that when I found an article on affirmation/mantra you wrote on the Daily Love, and from the beginning I knew you were something magically special. I put off joining the WSM because I was full of fears about what it will reveal to me about myself. I wasn't ready to join and kept rationalizing it by saying that I couldn't afford it but the reality was that although my soul was craving WSM, my mind/body was not ready to be broken and opened in the way that WSM has led me to. Another part of it which I've realized recently was that as a mental health therapist, I felt like I already knew my 'sh*t' about myself and didn't really need a program to help me work through whatever hidden issues I had. It was a lot of ego for me. It has been f***** life changing and I've loved you and hated you for all I've had to experience about myself through the WSM, the podcast and your book/blogs, but I have definitely learned that it all has always been inside of me. You were just the loving push I needed. I'm a constant work in progress and your work has been the #1 inspiration in my life which has led me to all of the personal growth I have in the last years. For that, I thank you."
Paula Forero...
"I’m rebirthing. My heart has opened. I’m full of love. I’m feeling complete for the first time in my life. I’m laughing, singing, dancing and crying frequently. I’m enjoying sounds, colors, the air, my breath, my body… the simple things. I don’t hate my belly anymore. I’m feeling great just being myself: beautiful, sensual, feminine, fun, profound, strong. Loving ourselves is the end of all of our sufferings. The WORK of our lives is to figure out what does it mean and how to do it. Wild Soul Movement is an invaluable tool; a beautiful piece of the puzzle."
Everything listed below is available the moment you complete your registration.

Some women like to treat Wild Soul Movement like a 12-week course, others prefer to simmer for a few weeks on each session to let it sink it. My advice is to do whatever feels right and best to you and I’ll help with this every step of the way.

We host our community forum on Facebook so it’s available 24/7 since our Wild Soul women are all over the world. Pop in whenever you’ve got something to celebrate, have a question, need support or feel like checking in to connect with your Wild Soul sisters.

The materials are yours to keep for life. Pause, binge, or revisit whenever you want. (And yes, a Wild Soul Movement binge is way more satisfying than Netflix!)HOW IT WORKS
Topic 1:
Surrender + Release
  • To identify and release the things that hold you back with compassion for yourself and others
  • To feel SAFE in letting go and surrendering to life's natural timing, rhythm, and unfoldment
  • A powerful forgiveness practice that can and often does improve EVERYTHING
Topic 2:
Trust + Receiving
  • How to trust yourself AND other people
  • Why receiving is just as important as giving and how to do it gracefully
  • How to invite more pleasure, ease, joy, prosperity, and love into your life
Topic 3:
Wild Dreaming + Desire
  • How to reconnect with ALL of your desires from the long-forgotten, and abandoned ones to the TRUEST ones you may have buried because you didn't think you deserved them
  • Why dreaming is so important and how to employ your imagination as an adult in a productive and valuable way
  • How to be open to the limitless possibilities available to you
Topic 4:
Love + Creation
  • The art of deep, true, lasting self-love
  • How to operate from love more than fear
  • How to be a powerful creator of your own life
In The Wild Soul Movement Virtual Program:
  • 12 movement meditation videos..................................................................................... $2400 value
  • Private Facebook Connection and Support Page .................................................$1000 value
  • Monthly Community Q+A Calls ......................................................................................... $ 300/month
  • Wild Soul Movement Journal ......................................................................................... $100 value
  • Surprise bonuses and first dibs on future programs ............................................ Priceless :)
Program Value: $̶8̶1̶0̶0̶
Program Investment: $997

Before Wild Soul Movement I was looking outwards, outside of myself for things that fulfilled me. Wild Soul Movement really sparked a change in me which helped me to realize that I am a powerful creator and I will always have everything I need. I no longer operate from a place of scarcity. It's powerful.

-Christine Juckett

Wild Soul Movement is bliss! The movement and the mantras reconnect me to my truth, love, beauty, fullness, freedom. I fell more in love with myself and my body after the first video and it just keeps getting better. I'm more confident and move with greater ease. The best part > those hip rolls!

-Sarah Elizabeth Hoffman

I love everything you stand for, woman. I am FINALLY making shifts and actually loving on my body for the first time in my 32 years of life.

-Jacquelynne Maloney

"I hoped that it wasn't going to be something else I threw money at then didn't get around to prioritizing. I was also praying that I'd actually feel supported when I needed. I can honestly say that this has been the most beneficial investment I've made. I just wish I'd invested in this FIRST - I likely would have made better informed investments."

-Barbara Hyatt

Barbara Hyatt
It would be heinous of me to say yes without knowing you personally. That would be like a doctor diagnosing an illness without actually seeing you in their office (unfortunately a lot of teachers and experts out there do it all the time!). What I can share, is some of the consistent struggles women who have joined and love Wild Soul Movement have had in common. If you can relate to any of these statements, it's highly likely the program will help you, too.

  • "I've read so many books, taken courses, gone to events in hopes of 'healing' or even just feeling better. Nothing has stuck and I feel like there's something wrong with me."
  • "I spend a lot of time in my head and it doesn't always feel productive. I tend to overanalyze things and beat myself up when I think I made the wrong choice."
  • “Once I got married and had kids, I lost complete sight of who I am. I don’t even know what my desires are anymore since I’m always so focused on taking care of everyone else.
  • “I am a total people pleaser and have no boundaries. It’s exhausting because I’m constantly doing things I don’t really want to do and sometimes it makes me feel resentful.”
  • “I don’t really love being a woman and I especially don’t love my body. It’s always felt like more of an inconvenience than anything.”
  • “I hate my job. I followed this career path because I thought it was what I was supposed to do. I really wish I could do something more fulfilling and not be so stressed all the time.”
  • “I feel like I have some serious power inside of me but I don’t know how to access it and to be honest, it kind of scares me.”
  • “I just want to have hot, passionate, sex with the lights on, and really great orgasms.”
  • “I’m married and I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore, but the idea of leaving terrifies me and I get paralyzed whenever I think about it. Plus, I don't want to be alone.”
  • “I am afraid of what people will think if I truly acted like myself, like the way I feel inside and followed my dreams and real desires. It feels irresponsible and self-indulgent.”
  • “I’ve spent enough money on therapy to put my kids through college, and I still don’t feel any better.”
If you’ve ever worked with a coach, therapist or trainer before, you know it can cost anywhere from $90-$500 or more for just a single session. Many of us have gone into debt just to afford it.

Some women can’t afford it, but fantasize about someday saving up enough money to make the investment, suffering and settling in the mean time.

That’s no way to live if you want help now. It’s time to stop looking outside of yourself for fulfillment.

If you’ve read all the books, tried all the diets and workouts, or worked with a coach or therapist and you still don’t feel the way you want to feel or have the life or relationships you want, there’s only one more place to look for answers…


You are a unique creature. You don’t need a formula, strategy or cookie cutter outline designed for the masses that only works for the few.

You deserve to trust, love and accept yourself the way you are. With that as your way of being, everything is possible.

It took me 30 years of life, 12 of them actively seeking to figure all of this out and over $50,000 on coaches, courses, books and events to finally get and embody this concept:

Everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of you.

This program isn't about me, it's about YOU. Your growth, your healing, your development, your transformation.

That said, there are no refunds and there is no trial period. Something I’ve learned working with thousands of women over the last decade is that the results go to those who are the most committed. So if you are ready and willing to go all in on yourself, I am 100% in on you too.

Why is the program so inexpensive compared to the value?
A lot of my group and 1:1 coaching programs are four to five figure investments, which is out of a lot of women's budgets. I've had coaches and colleagues advise me to raise the price of the program, and I keep it where it is because it feels good to me and allows more women to participate. 

What's the weekly time commitment?
I recommend you do the practice videos once or twice a week and complete the journal exercises every week so approximately 2 hours.

Can I incorporate this program into my current workout routine?
Yes. Many of our Wild Soul women give feedback that doing Wild Soul Movement enhances the experience of their other movement practices because they’re better able to tune into their body’s cues, are more accepting of themselves, and feel stronger and more confident in their bodies. Some even crave movement more than before, decreasing the need for willpower.

Can I download the materials or do I need internet access?
Yes, everything is able to be saved and downloaded to your devices.

How does the digital journal work?
You have two options. Print it out and write all over it OR download and save to your hard drive so you can type into it and save your entries each time. If you don’t download it, just open it in your web browser, your entries won’t save.

I have physical limitations (out of shape, injury, fibromyalgia, MS, pregnant, joint issues, osteoporosis, etc) will I be able to do the movement meditations?
For most physical limitations, the answer is yes. Since this isn’t a fitness program and it’s more about movement and feeling into your body, you will be guided to make adjustments, move to the best of your ability and also learn how to intuit what kind of movement is best for YOUR body. To be extra sure you’re welcome to email us at hello@wildsoulmovement.com and gives us the specifics of your condition so we can give you a clearer answer.

What kind of movement is it?
Sensual movement is movement designed to turn on all of your senses. The sole basis, unlike a lot of exercise isn’t to sweat, burn calories or sculpt your body. The purpose is to get your mind and body communicating with one another. Sensual movement specific to Wild Soul Movement is often slow, involves a lot of circling of various body parts like shoulders, chest, belly and hips. Sometimes we shake things off or tap things out. We stretch. There is a little yoga incorporated. A lot of undulating, rotating, and grounding movements. We sit, stand, kneel, lay on the ground sometimes. To try it out go here http://wildsoulmovement.com/free-videos

How do the Community Q+A calls work?
You get an email from me the day you join to let you know when the calls are scheduled for the rest of the year and the standar link to join the calls. You can join from your computer or dial in, toll free from anywhere in the world. You can dial in from a phone or login from the computer. To pre-submit questions if you can’t make it live, you post them in the Facebook group or email our support team.

When will it be available again?
TBD in 2017 likely Spring or later.

For many years I was a personal trainer helping women work out to lose weight and look better.

Once I started getting interviewed and featured in magazines and major websites, I realized all the ways I was actually contributing to a problem, not helping it.

I also noticed that women who got great physical results by following eating plans and workout programs usually "fell off the wagon" very easily anytime a mental, emotional or relational issue came up in their life.
Our culture teaches us to seek solutions outside of ourselves and give all our power and trust to experts and gurus. The truth is there is no expert, guru or professional who’s a better authority on how to live your life or treat your body than you are.

The problem is, most of us never learn this growing up and we don't see it modeled, so that's what I decided to do. 

I shifted my focus to helping women become their own authority using body-mind-soul connection as the primary method. As you can see from the many stories and case studies on this page, when you do this kind of work FIRST, everything else in your life can fall into place more easily.