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Nutrition and Healthy Recipes

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Simple Green Smoothies with Jadah Sellner (

FRESH START 21 DAY CLEANSE: MORE INFO BELOW ——————————- In this interview Jadah shares: 1. Why 21 days is a short and sweet but also high impact time frame for a cleanse. 2. Why it’s important to have a…

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Healthy Cooking Tips with Robyn Youkilis

[av_video src='' format='16-9' width='16' height='9'] In this video, my friend Robyn talks about cooking healthy and keeping it simple-which you know I love! I’ve been using one of her tips-to season the sh*t out of your salads since we did…

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Healthy Egg Fried Rice Recipe

I love eggs and I love rice. Growing up chinese food was a family favorite. Now that know how much sodium and unnecessary fat is piled into the take out version I avoid ordering it.

This Healthy Egg Friend Rice recipe, however is my guilt-less, enjoy-more version. I make it almost every week with all kinds of variations. In the comments I’d love to know your ideas for variations or any similar recipes you make at home. Continue reading

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Healthy Italian Dish – “Meat Sauce And Veggies”

This Healthy Italian Dish is so good it will have you shouting “Mama mia!” at your table.  Holy Cannoli! – Click to Tweet [If I could Autoplay Mambo Italiano by Rosemary Clooney right now I would] On to the RECIPE….

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How To Brine Chicken

Let’s talk about something real quick before we get into how to brine a chicken… You all know me, I’m not ever going to be dogmatic about food and nutrition.  I will always make recommendations and encourage you to test…

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