Use This Feminine Super Power to Move Through Resistance
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Jennifer, 50, Toronto, ON, Canada

"I can't even describe how much in awe and how much overwhelming gratitude I am feeling for the shifts that have occurred during our work together. I'm accepting all of myself, finding my power, speaking my truth and most importantly finding deep deep love for who I am. It all sounds like a tag line from a self help book, but it's f'ng real!!!! To be honest there were parts of me that didn't think this was possible.”

Jessica, 42, New York, NY

“If you are considering working with Elizabeth all I can say is don't expect a wallflower, don't expect vague platitudes or wishy- washy, and don't expect someone who needs their ego fed in some sort of weird hero/guru worship. Elizabeth tells you like it is, leads from the heart, and does what she does because she walks the walk, not just talks the talk.”
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