Wild Soul, Sacred Body is here!!

A virtual gathering space to heal, grow, share explore, unfold, be real, discover your un or under-attended to parts, learn, laugh, connect and BE whoever your truest self is at the moment, WITHOUT any risk of shame, judgement, criticism or rejection

Our next LIVE gathering begins in:


Here’s what we're going to do:



Tuesdays 6am PT
Thursdays 6pm PT
Sundays 930am PT

The Tuesday and Sunday classes will be traditional Wild Soul Movement classes with mantras. The Thursday will be an erotic movement class with music.


Exclusive content

I've been craving a place for a while to share more of my personal stories from living a path of embodied healing and spirituality, share more mystical and esoteric teachings, things that come through in my own Akashic Records and do things like weekly oracle readings and live Full and New Moon rituals. All of that will happen exclusively in this space.



I've recently discovered the platform MIGHTY NETWORKS and it is approximately 1000x better than Facebook. So that's where our "gathering space" will be - the place for sharing, connecting, communing and being there for each other in a safe-as-possible container for wild souls. We'll explore a variety of topics, have discussions, swap resources and more.

What can you expect from the experience?

Community Care

Come as you are and be seen, met, heard, acknowledged and supported. Self care is important, and we all need to ALSO feel like we belong somewhere and have a place to go when we need it, even when (especially when?) we think we're at our worst! Ask questions, get answers, and know that there's nothing to fear because we're ALL doing our work

Gems of Wisdom

Sometimes they'll come from me, sometimes they'll come from you. That's the point of having a variety of gatherings throughout the month and holding them LIVE. Of course everything will be recorded to watch later or revisit - but the real time connection always adds some extra truth and magic

Practical Tools for Healing + Embodiment

This is what I'm most excited about - to have a container where I can share anything and everything I know and love about embodiment, spirituality, healing, sensual living, relationships and more, without having to stick to a curriculum. And the best part about the MIGHTY NETWORKS platform is how it allows me to organize everything for you in a very user friendly way


Join us for just $39/mo!
The classes available to immediately upon joining are on:
Embodying Love,
Feeling Held, Sacred Eroticism, Setting Intentions, and Boundaries.

Upcoming classes in March will explore:
Releasing Emotional Attachments, Self Acceptance, and Using Your Passion as Fuel

Wild Soul, Sacred Body Members will also get a special code for 15% off on ANY service or event I offer throughout 2020 (includes Embodied Healing sessions, Akashic Records Readings, Weekend Workshops and any live pop up event or masterclass I run online or in person).


The core teaching of Wild Soul Movement is: Everything you've ever needed has always been inside of you.

Ready to discover and fully live into that?

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