What if the 2020s could be the most soul-satisfying decade of your life?

Join me for a free six-week experience with the tools, insights, practices + community you need to make it happen.

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Here’s how it works:


Listen to the free Journey Into The Wild Soul podcast series

I dedicate the last six podcast episodes of each year to helping you leave the past in the past and move into a fresh year with clarity, focus, power and momentum


Join the Pop Up Facebook group

Share your experiences, connect with like-minded women and enjoy a dedicated space to ask questions so you can integrate and implement what you’re learning


Get out of your head and into your body

Use the tools, practices and insights I’ll provide to cultivate a mind-body-soul connection that will help you live in alignment with your values, priorities and soul’s purpose

What will we be covering?

This year’s theme is WHOLENESS

Imagine being able to live your life fully expressed without having to dial down, numb out, or hide any part of you. AND imagine doing all of that with more trust than fear, doubt or worry...This is what wild souls do and I’m going to show you how

The Arc of POWER

This is my signature curriculum that I’ve been teaching for six years now. The topics are Surrender, Release, Trust, Receptivity, Passion, Purpose, Love and Truth. These eight things change lives in deep and beautiful ways

Implementation + Integration

This is not just another thing to consume. I design the Journey to be immediately useful, so you can actually complete it, see real results, and feel real shifts in your life and way of being

Ready to kick off 2020 embodying more wholeness, power and joy?