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I’ve done my best to make this list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and SAQs (Should Ask Questions) as exhaustive and inclusive as possible based on past experience and consulting colleagues who run similarly structured programs and courses. (So much appreciation for them!)

If for some reason there’s something I haven’t covered that you need answered before joining by 12/29 when registration closes, you’re welcome to email us at hello@wildsoulmovement.com and Netanya will help you out ASAP.


We start on January 3, 2019 with an opening circle. When you register, all the dates and times for every call, workshop and event included in your year are listed in the member portal. We end on December 26, 2019 with a closing ceremony.

You get lifetime access which means as long as I’m running this business and the internet works, your access to the materials never ends. And as I mentioned on the invitation page, this is my life’s work, I’m not quitting anytime soon.

The only access that does end is to the Facebook group and even that is only partial. When your year is up, I archive the Facebook group. This means you can no longer post or comment, but you can still see everything inside.

It’s very rare that anyone can make all of the calls. In fact some of our women who live across the world from my timezone (Pacific Time, US), never make any live calls. This is why we record everything, send out the recordings within 24 hours AND give you a chance to pre-submit any questions you ever have. It’s designed so that you don’t have to miss out on anything even if you can’t join us live any time.

As noted on the page we work through different topics and mantras as the year goes on. My recommendation is you follow along with the timeline, but it is YOUR experience, so you’re welcome to go at your own pace and to decide which components of the program you engage with and which you don’t.

The reason I provide different materials from videos and audios, to the journal and live group calls is that everyone learns differently and has different space and availability. You may not want to engage with the group and just work the content on your own. You may love the group calls and interacting on Facebook. It’s important to consider your own schedule and capacity. This is one great thing about the Facebook group, I’m always able to answer any questions you have throughout the year regardless of what module we’re currently in. See next question for my bare minimum recommendation.

My bare minimum recommendation is to 1) Watch the video lesson for each topic 2) Do the Wild Soul Movement practice 2-4x/wk for each mantra and 2) Do the journaling prompts for each mantra and 4) either attend the monthly Q+A or listen to the recording.

If that’s all you did, you’d be golden as these are the foundational pillars for growth, healing and transformation in this circle. Consider everything else – topic workshops, guest mentor interviews, prayers, visualizations, time in the Facebook group and etc, enhancements to the foundations.

Wild Soul Movement practice videos are 25-30 minutes each, journaling time can vary, the video lessons are just 10-15 minutes and monthly Q+A calls typically last an hour. Minimally three hours each month is a good estimate, maximally as much time as you’d like to put into it each day and week.

A lot of women over the years have reported that once they get in a groove with the materials, they crave more time doing the movement practice because it’s so nourishing.

Again, “falling behind” isn’t really a thing since you get lifetime access to the materials. So although your Facebook community access will end on Dec 26, 2019, you’ll still be able to see every post and thread, as well as use every video, audio, recording and practice.

As mentioned above, the reason I include so much content is for each woman to be able to engage in the way that suits her learning and integrating style best.

As you may have noticed in the interviews on the invitation page, a lot of women have returned as alumni year after year because they love the community and crave the ongoing support. Some have even been with me for every single session since 2014!

When you return as an alumni you get a 50% discount. So there are a few options if you don’t “complete” the content during your year –to continue on your own, or to join us again, in which case you get access to all the content from your original year and anything updated and new as well.


Most people practice on a yoga mat, but even that is optional. You just need a comfortable surface that will support your body whether we’re sitting, standing, lying on the ground, kneeling or on all fours.

If you have limited ability for getting up and down off the ground, a comfortable chair, bed or sofa is recommended instead. I offer ideas and modifications in every video and you’re always encouraged to make any adjustments you need to make to care for your body’s needs.

Wild Soul Movement is not an exercise or workout practice. It’s not designed to make you sweat or strain your body in any way. The majority of the movements are very gentle and do not require a great deal of physical strength, flexibility, balance or range of motion. As mentioned above, you are constantly reminded and encouraged to tune in and listen to your own body and make any adjustments you need so that the practice is safe and comfortable for you and honors your health, physical abilities, or any injuries you might have.

When I say “sensual movement” what I mean is movement designed to activate and engage your body’s feeling senses. Some of the movements are yoga inspired, but you don’t need any yoga experience to be able to follow along easily. A lot of the movements are nonlinear – think circling different areas of the body, shaking them out, and self massage, for example.

If you’d like to try it out and see what I mean, click here or here.

As noted above in a few different places, I am always offering you modifications, adjustments and reminders to do something different if anything I’m suggesting isn’t feasible for you. You never miss out on the benefits by honoring your body’s needs, you only enhance them because the whole point is not physical prowess, but deep connection, attunement and listening.

Over the years I’ve had students with all kinds of physical body limitations, temporary or permanent injuries and a variety of illnesses or health conditions. The best way to determine if the movement practice is doable for you is to give it a try here or here.



I really can’t say until enrollment is over, but based on previous years’ registration, it’s safe to assume somewhere between 150-300.

If that sounds like an intimidating number to you, know that the percentage of people who engage with each component of the program varies, so it will not feel like you’re in a space with that many people all at once, and I am a pro at making sure the experience feels intimate and personalized.

Because you’re highly encouraged to engage at your own pace and capacity, this is a non-issue. Introverts and extroverts alike choose how much or how little to engage in the group.

As well, part of our group agreements is remembering that I am the one holding the space. You are not responsible for each other or anyone else’s experience, only your own.

Some of our more introverted women take breaks when they need to and come back when they have the energy for the group. Others choose to simply observe the group happenings and not really dip in. Some skip it all together and just do the practices on their own. It’s really up to you. Since self-trust is such a big part of the teachings, this is a great place to practice boundaries, self-compassion and self-acceptance.

Since I am the space holder of the group, you don’t have to worry about this. I got you. Share as much as you want. I lay out clear agreements for what is and isn’t appropriate and I curate the group with plenty of prompts so that you’ll always know exactly where and what to share.

First off, when we first begin the group will be a “Closed group” so new members can find it and join. While the group is “Closed” people can search it but only members can see what’s posted and we have security measures in place to ensure that only members can join.

Once we’re settled in (after about two weeks), I change the privacy setting to “Secret” which means non-members won’t be able to search for the group anymore.

As for sharing, you’re encouraged to only share what you feel safe, comfortable and 100% good to share. “Falsed vulnerability” as I’ve come to call it over the years (where people are prompted to share the most intimate details of their lives as a sign of willingness or commitment) is not something that I condone in my spaces.

That’s not to say that the intimate details of your life aren’t welcomed, honored or respected in the space, but the choice of what and how much to share is entirely up to your own discretion. The group agreements are very clear around this.

You’ve probably noticed a theme to a lot of these answers is, IT’S UP TO YOU!

POWER is about honoring your experience, listening to yourself, tuning into your desires and trusting them.

I make it very clear that you are not there to coach or hold space for each other, that’s my job and my job alone. But any support, celebration, witnessing, resources and experiences you want to share throughout the year with each other are totally welcomed.

It’s important that you not feel like you always have to read everyone’s posts, like or comment on them. That would be tremendously overwhelming and take away from your own experience. However, people always end up connecting throughout the year, making friends, in some cases even real life friends, not just internet friends!

This is one of the beautiful parts about my groups — a lot of organic connection is available, but nothing is ever forced, obligated or required.

You know, I tested out some other group softwares over the years and keep returning to Facebook because it’s the easiest. Most people are already on Facebook and use it regularly, so assimilating the group into their lives requires no big adjustment, extra logins, passwords or learning how to use something new.

Not at all. As mentioned above, a lot of women who join won’t even choose to engage in the group, that’s just how it is every year. You’re welcome to skip that part and rely on the monthly Q+A calls to engage with me and the group.

You could also consider something some of our women have done over the years – create a secret FB profile that you only use for POWER.

You may even want to use a different name if you go the secret route (which could be fun, playful and empowering).

Over the last five years the range of ages in the group has been from 19-72!

It’s one of my favorite unexpected things about it. I kind of assumed in the beginning the range would be relatively close to my own age +/- five or ten years. I cannot describe to you how enriching it’s been that the range spans SEVEN DECADES!

The reason for this is the time in a woman’s life when she becomes read to embrace, embody and own her power totally varies based on her individual experiences. So we welcome and celebrate all ages 18+.

This is totally up to you. We’ve had sisters, cousins, mothers and daughters and all kinds of best and close friends participate together over the years.

Often alumni are elated to invite their friends/family members to join them in another round after they’ve completed their first.

The most important consideration here is this –will you feel 100% safe and open to have your own full experience with someone you know in the group? If yes, go for it. If no, don’t invite them!



It looks like A LOT! One of the other reasons I made this a year-long program that I didn’t mention on the invitation page, is so I can put all of my focus for the year into just two things: this circle and my live weekend workshops — so I’ve got plenty of time and space for you!

Unlike a lot of other programs and experiences out there, I do not have coaches working under me, teaching assistants or anyone on my staff to engage with you on my behalf. I do it all myself. Not because I have to, but because I LOVE IT.

This isn’t to knock folks who do have that and who knows, some other year I may have some of my Wild Soul Movement Teachers help out — but for as long as I still can, capacity-wise, I am all up in there with you on the daily!

Specifically I write, record and create all of the recorded content myself and as for the live components, I’m active in the Facebook group Monday through Friday and host the monthly Q+A calls –where you can ask me anything and everything related to the current topic and mantra.

If you choose to tune in for all of these things, we are gonna be spending hours together every month 🙂

There are two options for this — as you go or guaranteed monthly.

As you go: I’ll open up five a la carte private sessions a month for women in this circle who want to take a deeper dive during any given topic or mantra.

The rate is $222 for 45 minutes and they will be first come first serve. These will sell out quickly, so once you’ve done one, I’ll give others a chance to grab the spots and if/when there are any open you’re welcome to do a second, third, fourth, etc.

Guaranteed monthly: If you know you’d like to reserve a 1:1 call with me each month throughout the year, I have 8 spots available for that.

The rate, which includes 12 monthly 1:1 calls is $3333 (that’s in addition to the POWER investment). If you’d like to secure one of those spots, email hello@wildsoulmovement.com and Netanya will send you a payment link.


The material in POWER isn’t just designed to teach you things you don’t know, although it likely will anyway. Knowledge is entirely mental. POWER integrates the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and metaphysical.

It’s an EMBODIED experience comprised of tools, practices, guided inquiry and reflection so that you can actually work through your “stuff” — whatever it may be.

It’s a full on growth, healing and transformational journey — this again, is why alumni return year after year in some cases. Even if you’d been through all of the material before (which no one has, because it’s been updated for 2019), there would still be value in the experience because we’re all constantly evolving.

No. It’s designed to meet you where you are and guide you to whatever is the “next level” for you. The only reason you might feel this way is if you compare yourself to other members who have been doing this kind of work for a while — which is always a waste of time. If you join, commit to having and honoring your own experience. Wherever you are is 100% valid and a great starting place, I promise you.

Barring any blatantly racist, misogynistic, ageist, ableist, classist, transphobic, homophobic, or any other kind of harmful or oppressive beliefs, I welcome all beliefs in the space. (I’m not talking about blind spots or unconscious biases, we all have those and if they come up, we handle them with compassion and grace. I’m talking about willfully harmful, hurtful or ignorant beliefs that seek to marginalize or disempower people. I generally don’t attract this anyway, but want to be VERY explicit about it).

All of that said, this is truly your call.

I am not into dogma or pushing my beliefs on people, and I always go out of my way to encourage folks to take what I’m offering and filter it through the framework of their own worldview and beliefs.

If that feels like something you won’t be able to do and it would be too distracting for you — POWER might not be the best choice for you.

But if you’re totally OK to take what resonates for you, have an open mind and heart, and either ditch what doesn’t, or adjust it to fit your beliefs, I’d love to have you.

I have no expectation or need for 100% of what I share to fully resonate with everybody. And I actually think it’s important that we not all believe the same things. It makes the experience richer.

The way POWER is designed, what you get out of it will be what you put into it.

If you show up, use the materials do your work, and use the access you have to me via the FB group or monthly Q+A calls, you will 100% get something out of it.

The range of what that might be is so vast I can’t even do it justice to try to explain it, but I will. The stories, breakthroughs and results women have shared with me over the years during our time together has brought me to tears of gratitude and awe more times than I can count.

From getting off medications to helping with addictions, leaving toxic relationships, healing body image issues and eating disorders, saving marriages, grieving through various losses, growing through life transitions, facing health challenges and so much more. I’m not promising any of these results but the possibilities and what I’ve witnessed in our students over the years is nothing short of miraculous.

You can read some of their stories on the page here or watch the videos for more specific and in depth shares.

I do again want to emphasize that the one thing those who get the most out of the experience ALWAYS have in common, is that they show up and use what’s available to them.

Yes! First, this quote from writer, poet and Civil Rights activist, Audre Lorde comes to mind:

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

A lot of people have felt this way and I’ve felt this way myself over the years as I do my own growth and healing work. It is an enormous privilege to have the time, space and resources to do the healing, growth and transformational work that POWER invites you do to.

When you do it however, you become more available, more resilient, more present, more aware and more capable to show up better in the world AND to put your resources towards expansion, love, good and healing for others, too.

I speak from personal experience there and as a witness to so many of my friends, peers, colleagues and students who I’ve seen do the same.

This kind of growth and healing work fosters your ability to stand for and act on the things you care and are most passionate about, and it teaches you to do it with love, kindness, compassion, fierceness, wisdom and integrity.

The more we have, the more we can share and POWER makes you a better sharer in so many ways.

This is one of the reasons I say on the invitation page that POWER helps you be safer in the world and for the world.

When you don’t examine your programming, conditioning, and unconscious biases and behaviors, you can be doing more harm than good in the world and not even know it; as well, you are more likely to put yourself in harm’s way.

So the net effect of doing this work is potentially very positive towards the reduction of pain, suffering, trauma and harm in your own life AND in the world around you — and that’s just physically. Energetically, the ripple effect of you doing this kind of work on your lineage and family of origin and community is immeasurable.

Here’s a practice from POWER that you can put in action right away and use to make your decision — judgement and resistance occur in the mind. Discernment and resonance occur in the body.

Note: This only works if you are not in a traumatized state or nervous system hijack, so do be mindful of that beforehand.

When you are overthinking something you’ll feel stress or pressure and your energy will be more concentrated in your head. When you drop into your body, you’re better able to feel for what’s actually true for you.

An easy way to do this is to take a few deep breaths (at least three), place a hand on your heart, belly or both, and say this positive statement out loud, “I’m joining POWER for 2019.”

Then notice how you feel. What do you feel and where you feel it?

After that, shake yourself out a bit to reset, take a few deep breaths again, place a hand on your heart, belly or both, and say this negative statement out loud, “I’m not joining POWER for 2019.”

Again, notice what you feel and where you feel it.

Here’s how you discern what your body is telling you:

1. If it’s a YES, you will feel positive sensations when you make the positive statement and negative sensations when you make the negative statement.

2. If it’s a NO, you’ll feel negative sensations when you make the positive statement and positive sensations when you make the negative statement.

For some the sensations will occur specifically in the heart space, others will feel it in their belly, others will feel it more generally in the body and some will receive more of a “direct knowing.” If you’re the direct knowing type, I can’t explain what that will feel like to you — you’ll literally just know.

Positive sensations may feel lighter, or like calmness, excitement, love, openness or joy.

Negative sensations may feel heavier, or like anxiety, dread, shutting down, fear, or even anger.

A neutral sensation – meaning you don’t really feel anything can mean “not right now.”

If you’re a person who tends to make better choices if you have a chance to sleep on things, do this practice a few days in a row and see what the most consistent sensations are for you.

This is the practice of tuning into and trusting your body’s wisdom instead of the overly analytical function of the mind.


During Cyber Monday Weekend (11/23-11/26) it’s $888 or $88/month for 12 months.

During regular registration between 12/3-12/29 it’s $999 or $99/mo for 12 months.

No it’s not. Whether you pay in full or pay monthly, you are joining for and committing to the full year. There is not an option to stop your payments at any point during the year. But you can always change your payment method if necessary.

See the refund policy question below for further details.

The monthly payments begin as soon as you submit your payment information, from there they are debited from whatever payment method you submitted every 30 days.

If at any point you need to update your payment method, please email us at hello@wildsoulmovement.com and someone from our team will call you to get the new information so as to keep your private details secure. It’s an easy fix on our end. We know this comes up throughout the year for a variety of reasons such as as cards expiring, lost cards, change of address and etc.

The order form has an option to choose PayPal at checkout, so those are the three payment options our system is set up to process: credit card, debit card or PayPal.

The refund policy is there are no refunds. Here’s an in depth explanation of why:

Over the years I’ve experimented with a variety of refund policies from no refunds, to 30 and 60 Day Money Back Guarantees; no questions asked to requiring people to fill out a form to essentially “submit proof” that they’d at least done the first module and truly didn’t experience any results or benefits.

I’ve also checked in with colleagues and analyzed the various philosophies around each.

Out of 1000+ women in the last five years, our refund request/process rate was very low, around 1%.

During the last registration period in 2017, I experimented with offering a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. It became clear that with such a policy in place, it created the option to join and “try it out.”

It also gave people an excuse to hit “eject” as soon as they hit resistance in the first module — which unless you’re a master of everything listed under Surrender + Release, you will hit too. It’s part of doing deep work like this.

In fact, it’s safe to assume you’ll hit some resistance in all of the modules.

It’s not supposed to be breezy or feel good all the time. Remember when I said we’re not just about “Love and Light” or “Good Vibes Only” ? This is real deal growth, healing and transformational work.

Things will come up inside the program and also in your life throughout the year. It will be challenging. This container is meant to hold you through all of that.

This is one reason I made this a year-long experience and stopped doing it self-paced.

When it’s self-paced it’s easier to throw in the towel. In a year-long container, it’s easier to take a breather, then come back when you’re ready because you’ve got the momentum of a group to support you. You’re not on your own.

That said, I’m not up for people trying it out, coming and going or joining reluctantly.

Although you can make monthly payments, this is not a membership you can cancel or opt-out of anytime.

When you join for the year, you’re in the for the year.

When you own a home or rent an apartment, you don’t opt out of your mortgage or the rent if you happen to be traveling. Same goes here.  

When you’re a full yes and you know you want to do this, you don’t need a refund or opt-out policy. Especially since you get lifetime access to the materials and can return to them and use them for many years to come.

This work works if you do. Your commitment and effort are the guarantee and I am here to guide you 100% of the way.

As well, energetically, I really only want you to join if you’re a wholehearted yes. It’s a circle for a reason. We’re in this together.

Even if you can’t engage completely for every single call, topic, month or practice we do together, when you join POWER for the year, you’re entering into an energetic container that is built to hold you no matter what.

That is my commitment. I’m not going to give up on you and this policy highly reduces any likelihood of you giving up on yourself.

So that is why there are no refunds and you cannot opt out of your payments if you choose the monthly option.

. . .

Now, I’ve done my best to outline every possible detail and piece of information you could need to make an informed decision on this page. 

However, if you’re new to me or aren’t sure yet if I’m the best guide for you in 2019, here are three things you can try to help you feel that out thoroughly before registration closes on 12/29:

1) Have a listen to the Journey Into The Wild Soul podcast series. You can start here with episode one.

2) Join the free pop up Facebook group that’s running through 12/29 to see:

a) how I hold space and interact with the group and

b) what kind of women I attract into a group.

3) Try out the Wild Soul Movement practice.

Here are two videos:

– To the mantra, “I am fierce”


-To the mantra “Love And Grace Now Free Me.” 

Ok, I know I spent a lot of time in this section, but it’s important.

I look forward to having people in POWER who don’t feel pressured or coerced in any way and are fully open and excited for the experience (even if feeling nervous, intimidated or a little tender/vulnerable at the prospect of so much healing and expansion). This ensures an invaluable year for everyone.

Yes. This is something else I’ve experimented with over the years. While I do not offer full scholarships, there are several partial scholarships available.

Here is the application. 

The deadline to submit is Dec 20 and I will notify recipients on or before Dec 22 via email from hello@wildsoulmovement.com, so be sure to double, triple check your email address on the application and add hello@wildsoulmovement.com to your email contacts so it doesn’t go to spam or get filtered.

We don’t make any big announcements or reveal scholarship recipients’ identities. It’s important to me that all participants in POWER be treated with the same love, honor and respect regardless of what they invest to join.

OK! That’s literally every possible thing I could think to answer for you after offering this work for the last five years.

Ready to join or want to review the details one more time?

Click here to return to the POWER page.