Wild Soul Movement Presents:

POWER 2020

A year long women's circle for expansion, for love, for good, and for healing


In 2013 when I was first creating Wild Soul Movement, the core practice that fuels the POWER Circle you’re here to learn about, I told my creative director, “I want women to land on the page and know in their bones if this is the thing they didn’t know they needed.”

I said this because what led me to creating it was a series of things I never knew I needed!

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Ever since, countless women have joined, and told me, “I don’t know why I joined I just knew I needed to and I’m so glad I did.” 

With 1130+ alumni having participated over the last five years, there have also been tons who knew exactly why they needed it.

Whether you’re the first or the second type of woman (or woman-identifying person*) one reason why you’re here is that in the current times we’re living through, it’s no longer a luxury or “nice to have” for women to take the time to connect to their power and learn how to trust themselves.


It’s an absolute necessity and for a few reasons:

1. So you can be safer in the world.

2. So you can be safer for the world and

3. So you can have the impact you’re here to have on the world (whether that’s the world at large or simply your immediate circles of family, friends and community).

So here we are. You’ve found your way here and something inside you is wondering if this is a journey that is right for you in 2020.

I am not here to stoke your fears, insecurities or worries (though I am well equipped to help you handle them). I am here to speak directly to the part of you that knows who you are, what you’re made of, and what you’re here for; the infinitely wise, loving, peaceful, compassionate, powerful and deeply intelligent part of you – your Wild Soul.


It’s time to learn how to live in that truth and power, and use it, for expansion, for love, for good and for healing. . . because listen, WE ALL NEED HEALING, AND THE WORLD NEEDS MEGA HEALING!


Whether you’re brand new to growth, healing and transformational work or you’ve been on the path for a while, take your time and read everything on this page all the way through. If afterwards the invitation feels right, join us.


I created the original practice and program back in 2013 because I needed a way to get get out of my overly analytical and judgmental mind and into my brilliant, beautiful, wise and creative body.

(Spoiler: your body is brilliant, beautiful, wise and creative as well, whether you know it yet or not).

I had an intense hunger for the truth I intuitively knew was only available by going inward, rather than seeking my answers outside of myself.

I also saw so many women struggling with:

• control issues

• perfectionism

• overgiving

• tolerating poor treatment

• putting themselves last

• insecurities

• lack of self esteem confidence, acceptance, trust and respect

• disconnection from their energy, desires, power, dreams and receptivity

In other words, totally buying into what I know now to be unhelpful cultural programming and conditioning. This conditioning convinces almost all of us that someone always knows better than we do. It teaches us to constantly question ourselves, when what really needs to be questioned is the harmful programming and conditioning.

That’s what we do in POWER.

Once we uproot what doesn’t serve you anymore, we explore and integrate what will. We do this based on who you are — not who anyone else wants you to or thinks you should be.

In 2018 I retired the original program to take some space to reflect on what worked well, what could be improved and interview some of the women who have been using the tools and practices for several years (you can see some of the interviews further down on the page).

I did this to track their progress.

From there, using a combination of data and intuition, I updated and upgraded everything for 2019 and renamed the experience POWER — because that is what you will embody and embrace throughout the year when you join.

After getting feedback from our first yearlong  group in 2019, I also added a few really supportive bonuses and implemented some extra structure to help you experience the connection and community aspects more fully (both online and in real life).

I’ve also included some really supportive bonuses and implemented some extra structure to help you see the experience through to completion– even as life events and setbacks pop up throughout the year, which is inevitable.

I can say with confidence there is nothing else like POWER available anywhere and I’m elated to assemble our circle for 2020. If you join, show up and do the work, your life will never be the same (in great and powerful ways).

One last thing...

I’ve been facilitating this work for a long time so I know the mind can be a bit of a trickster when we stand on the threshold of much needed growth, healing and change.


That said, as you read through and consider whether or not joining is right for you –know that mental resistance is normal. The brain often equates what is familiar with safety, and what’s possible and available in POWER may feel very unfamiliar to you.


So if you find yourself in resistance, be sure to take some time to breathe, step away from any distractions, and (maybe with a hand on your heart) scan your body for the deeper, truer yes if it’s in there.

Lots of love and respect,

Elizabeth DiAlto

Creator of Wild Soul Movement and POWER, author of Untame Yourself, host of the Truth Telling Podcast


Last year I looked up the definition of power and one of the synonyms was “masculinity.” My literal response, out loud, at my desk, by myself, was, “OH HELLL NOOOO!!!” #jesusholdmyearrings


It’s an incomplete and misleading association to make AND it also tells you where our culture is STILL AT going into 2020.

POWER addresses that.

POWER says no to that.

POWER is about reclaiming, redefining and owning what power means to
you and living into the fullest and healthiest expression for you.

POWER cultivates patience, sacred restraint, holy
consistency, divine discernment and responsible reprogramming.

When I run Wild Soul Movement weekend workshops and we get to the last
session, I ask the women what their relationship to power is. The majority
answer in terms of power being some kind of external authority.

Most women are not conditioned to consider their own internal power as a
reliable source of wisdom, authority, and truth.

In POWER we do the work to heal this.

This is why it’s a yearlong journey.

This kind of deprogramming and rewiring takes time because the faulty
programming has been functioning in our minds consciously and
unconsciously FOR-EV-ER.

POWER is a women’s circle.

Circles are universal symbols with extensive meaning. They represent the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement, and even God (insert Source/Universe/Creator etc if you’re not comfortable with “God”). This is what we’re here for.

POWER has physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and metaphysical components to it.

I explain this in more detail further down on the page, but this is why it works so well.


Even though I’m the guide, we’re all equals.


There is no dogma, only discovery.


There is no “my way,” only the “Wild Soul Way” — and everyone’s wild soul is unique.


We’re not here to drag the past into the future or waste anymore time trying to be what we are not.


We’re here to live in love and truth.


"I’m more aware of the intuitive signs my body gives me in various situations."

"I knew POWER was something I had to do for myself and to expand my healing particularly as it related to reconnecting with my body after feeling disconnected and betrayed by it in 2018. This year I’ve reconnected to my body and have shifted perspective to one of my body is healing itself and more body love. POWER 2019 had the biggest influence on me in making this shift as I continued to learn how to connect to my body and reflect on all it does for me. I’m more aware of the intuitive signs my body gives me in various situations. I’m aware of moments where I have to set boundaries in order to protect my energy. I’ve noticed that the work I’ve done with POWER has also had a positive impact on friends and loved ones as I’m more present and conscious when providing advice they ask for. "
Alvey, 32, NC


POWER invites you to embody this manifesto.


This is why we spend a year together and alumni are always welcome to return. It’s a lot to live into. It’s a power-filled statement and it’s 100% within reach for you.


Pause for a moment…


Imagine what your life would be like if you embodied these words.


Or what the world would be like if even just a fraction of its women embodied these words. . .


POWER helps you release past experiences and patterns to form new ones so you can trust yourself and stop feeling worried, stuck, hopeless or overwhelmed.

POWER opens you up for more prosperity, joy, and ease in your life. It helps you set boundaries and receive the support that you need and deserve.

POWER gives you the space and guidance to reclaim and redefine womanhood your way, AND reconnects you with the long-forgotten super powers ALL women possess.

The core practice that facilitates all of the results in POWER is Wild Soul Movement, which is a movement-centered practice that retrains your mind and body to work together physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually..


This creates room for your soul’s voice and wisdom to be more present and the trust required to follow it.


As mentioned earlier, in 2018 I interviewed some alumni to see how their experiences with this work have been different from anything else they’ve done. Watch to see how it’s impacted their lives, changed how they treat themselves, helped them accomplish goals, overcome challenges, embody more of who they are and much more.

“I can’t even explain how powerful I feel knowing that I can trust myself.”


“The tangibles are you make shit happen. The stuff in the back of your mind that you want to accomplish, that you know you’re meant to have and do and be…you do the things, with a sense of trust in yourself and purpose and like ‘I deserve this.’”

Breanne Hull

It helped me to really own my true self. One, to really have an honest voice about how I’m feeling. Two, it helped me to be more gentle with myself, to understand that it’s still a work in progress, there’s no race to the finish line, especially in a culture where we’re always comparing ourselves to one another.”

Simone Turner

“I’m a sovereign being. I’m able to decide how I want to live my life. I’m able to choose what it is I want to do from day to day.”

Christine Juckett

“There’s an opportunity to dive deep, into yourself, and bring together all of the scattered pieces that don’t make any sense, and you can begin to make sense of them and not hate yourself for being scattered. AND realize that you are whole.”

Ren Phalow


1. Even though POWER is a group circle, it’s designed for you to have your own individual experience.

Formulas don’t work for everyone and in many cases, don’t consider your unique circumstances, past traumas, or limitations (real or imagined).


POWER is crafted to hold space for you personally and provide practices, guidance and support that you can implement no matter where you are on your journey AND revisit as you evolve.

2. You journey with a brave, expansive, diverse and supportive group of women.

Ever feel like you can’t share something you feel strongly about on Facebook because you’ll be judged by friends and family? Or like the people closest to you don’t get you and would rather you stay the way you were? Surrounding yourself with people on the same path as you is the best way to hit fast forward on your results. Nothing compares to finally being met and accepted exactly as you are (especially on your messiest days!).

3. Frequent and direct access to me.

I’m active in our private community forum Monday through Friday. And, twice a month on our POWER Circle Q+A CALL and the transition + check in call. You can grill me with any and all questions you have about the specific topic we’re working through (topics listed below).

4. The energetic container.

This is the what catalyzes TRUE transformation. A lot of programs, events, and experiences are only equipped to get you started because they’re led by people with little or no understanding of the energetics of healing, transformation, and embodiment. Such programs can be more harmful than helpful. This is where my years of training and mentorship under masterful teachers comes in. POWER is designed to guide you and FULLY support you. This means on ALL levels – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

5. A multi-layered approach.

Everyone learns, heals, grows and transforms differently. This is why POWER uses several modalities: sensual movement practice, mantras, prayers, meditation, reflection questions, a closed, private community forum, Q+A calls, bonus topical workshops and more.

6. Everything is recorded and you get lifetime access to the content.

For as long as I’ve been running online experiences (seven years now), my clients and students have been a) from all over the world and b) very busy people! So I had to figure out how to make time zones and other commitments a non-issue. This is why everything we do is recorded and there are systems in place for you to pre-submit questions if/when you can’t make live calls.

"Knowing that this program doesn’t force something to happen but allows it to unfold helped me the most."

"I joined POWER to reclaim and get to know my true self. This is the first program in which I remained actively doing the exercises and listened to the lessons for most of the year. I usually start and stop programs without finishing them. Knowing that this program doesn’t force something to happen but allows it to unfold helped me the most. I gained awareness that I need a daily spiritual practice and the benefit of doing the embodiment practices on a consistent basis (and how I feel when I don’t do them for a while), knowledge that I have my own truth that is separate from anyone else’s truth and to know what my truth feels like, and I allow my emotions to move through and out of me now."
Brenna, Florida


The year is laid out so that each topic prepares you for the next and gradually builds your lifetime arsenal of tools and practices to repeat any of the processes whenever you need them. You have time, space, and many opportunities each month to integrate and implement what you learn. Being a trauma-informed experience, you will notice each season we take time to address feelings of safety as the foundation to begin the next topic.


Surrender + Release

Surrender is not an easy thing to do, but it’s a practice that yields immense space, freedom and ease– getting good at it is a very worthy pursuit. In order to get good at surrender, you need to release whatever is in the way.


January How to cultivate feelings of safety around letting go of what no longer serves you and breaking our patterns of self-sabotage (we all have them!).


How to release what no longer serves you with compassion and forgiveness (for yourself and others).


The deep magic of surrender – how to stop trying to control everything and what to do instead.



Trust + Receptivity

In POWER when we talk about trust, we are always talking about self-trust because we know we cannot control other people, but we can absolutely resolve our own stuff. As women, you are likely wired to be a giver, a nurturer and a caregiver – which can be both wonderful and unhealthy. So we unpack that AND make sure to activate and strengthen your ability to receive as well.


How to cultivate feelings of safety around self trust and how to actually trust yourself.


How to open yourself up to be more receptive to all that life has to offer – this can be love, help, support, opportunities, connection, creativity and more.


How to connect specifically with the energy and divine forces that make trust and receptivity much easier for your human experience.



Passion + Purpose

There’s usually two reasons women are not connected to or in hot pursuit of their passion and purpose: 1) They’re stuck in cycles of self-sacrifice and obligation OR 2) They don’t feel confident, worthy or deserving. This topic addresses all of that.

July How to cultivate feelings of safety around passion and purpose


August Important distinctions between passion and purpose, along with an exploration of how theycan work well together (Spoiler: this makes it much easier to manifest what you want!)


September Worthiness. Period.



Love + Truth

This topic is the culmination of all the work you will have done up to this point. Real, deep, unwavering connection and commitment to your truth and the courage to live in and from it. Which leads to self-love that runs deeper than any external force or influence could ever destroy or compromise again.


How to cultivate feelings of safety around accessing, speaking and living your truth.


How to embody self-love, courage, inner wisdom and compassion.


The root of your power and becoming a force for expansion, for love and for good.


"POWER helped me hone and refine my discernment process and appreciate my body and other bodies more..."

"I’ve been following Elizabeth for many years now, waiting for the right thing to join. POWER felt like the perfect fit for me because I was heading into a year of many transitions. I wanted a space that was consistent, supportive, and reminded me of my truth and wholeness to ground me throughout. I believe this has been fully nourishing and wholesome for me. POWER helped me hone and refine my discernment process, and appreciate my body and other bodies more, especially with diversities in ability, shape, size, etc."
Kimber Claeborn, 32, Expat


Below is an exhaustive list of descriptors I am able to write with confidence after running this experience in other forms for the last six years. It’s not just based on who has joined, but who gets the best and most immediate results.


You do not have to resonate with all or even several of these things. If just one or two are true for you, you’d likely love and deeply benefit from joining POWER.

  • When you hear me say, “Get out of your head and into your body” your immediate reaction is, “I need that!” (maybe also followed by, "BUT HOW?!").
  • You listen to the Truth Telling with Elizabeth DiAlto podcast and it really resonates with you (and maybe also triggers you and makes you think sometimes).
  • You kinda feel like we’d be best friends if we met in real life (I hear this ALL THE TIME! It’s not weird, I get it, you’ve possibly spent dozens to hundreds of digital hours with me online over the years).
  • You have a feeling you’d LOVE spending a year inside my best, most amazingly curated growth, healing and transformational container with other women who feel this way, too.
  • You read the Wild Soul Woman Manifesto above and something in your body felt like, “Yes! I want that!” Even if you also felt a little intimidated by the bigness of all of it.
  • You are aware that your seeking and consuming isn’t yielding the major or sustainable results you desire. (ie reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts, going to all the events, or workshops, downloading all the “free guides” and etc)
  • You want to take bigger strides in 2020, make more progress and create what I call, “un-interruptible momentum” in your life.
  • Winging or piecing together your healing, growth and transformation has become exhausting and you're ready for some structure, guidance and a dedicated and a container for your work.
  • You are DONE not accepting yourself in anyway. From body, to brains, skills, abilities and career, to status, emotions, sensitivities and more. Put another way, if you crave full self- acceptance, POWER is for you.
  • You don’t want to feel bitter, hopeless, sad, disempowered, weak, distrustful, judgmental, anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, resentful as often as you do. AND you’re not interested in bypassing reality either.
  • You want to be able to show up and do your part, but don’t want to be so easily [emotionally] hijacked by what’s going on in the world or other people’s pain, stress or trauma.
  • You're actively working on boundaries and coming home to yourself so you can have healthier relationships.
  • You want to feel vibrant, alive, connected and joyful in your physical body, regardless of shape, size, health, ability or any old beliefs about attractiveness, sexuality, cultural standards or needing to prove yourself.
  • You’re a little bit (or a lot a bit) “witchy” – meaning words like, “priestess,” “mystic,” “goddess,” “divine feminine,” “Shakti,” “wild soul,” “untamed” or any other reference to women’s inherent magic, mysteries, intuitive abilities or psychic senses really pique your interests and and activate your curiosity.
  • You do not need to be coddled as you do this work. You are OK with truth talk and directness (even if it makes you uncomfortable at times) and know that this is my way, but it is always backed with kindness, love and compassion, too.
  • You know that wild soul women are not on the “Love and Light” or “Good Vibes Only” brigade. We are into “integrating all parts of life including what’s dark and messy” – with love. Always with love.
  • You don’t need a guide/teacher to be super serious all the time (that is just not my style!).
  • You crave internal spaciousness.

"It’s been a stressful year of many transitions and there have been many times I remember saying I don't know what I would've done without this program!"

"I joined POWER 2019 because I felt called to, even when I had so many "reasons" not to. It’s been a stressful year of many transitions (big move, living with family, some pregnancy-related difficulties and the birth of a second child), and there have been many times I remember saying I don't know what I would've done without this program! Having this framework to hold me up was so important, when I felt like the rest of everything was in flux. Some of my biggest shifts have been gentle curiosity about my feelings/things that come up; softening towards myself (I've always been a big perfectionist and beat-myself-up kinda person) both in terms of judgment and expectations."
Kendal, 32, USA


"I feel so much safer in my body and that helped facilitate a major breakthrough this summer that unlocked soul healing + adrenal recovery."

"I knew I needed the intensive movement & embodiment that would empower me. POWER is a living, breathing program. Although it is online, Elizabeth is VERY present and in tune, holding and shaping our live program. I feel so much safer in my body and that helped facilitate a major breakthrough this summer that unlocked soul healing + adrenal recovery. I feel really committed + accountable to myself to keep showing up and moving my body, saying the mantras. WSM changed my self acceptance of meeting my health and body where she is at. It's been a deepening each month."
Erin, 37, Missouri

"I need and ask for *much* less input from other people now."

"I joined POWER because I wanted commitment that reminded me to live in my body and to move. I also wanted someone to hold my hand while I was exploring expanding and letting myself be big. I learned to really see and trust my own experience and to make it more important to me than other people's experience of me or my life. I ask myself what I want before I focus on other people now (most of the time). I recite the mantras at random times to deal with difficult emotions. I learned how my childhood was the root of a lot of the difficulties in life that I've spent years blaming myself for. I need and ask for *much* less input from other people now."
Angelica Landström, Uppsala

"POWER grounded me in who I am at my core so that this next opportunity could find me with remarkable ease and huge excitement."

"I joined POWER this year to practice embodying the Arc of POWER under completely new circumstances. From prior experience, the teaching, guidance and community of support was warm, relevant & familiar. As the year unfolded, I welcomed a version of me that will serve in a new way, leading and developing an influential team that curates investments made across a large network of providers. POWER grounded me in who I am at my core so that this next opportunity could find me with remarkable ease and huge excitement. If becoming better at saying yes, asking for what you need, being open to outcomes that may or may not look exactly like what you ask for all with consistent detachment from drama while staying actively engaged in life sound inviting, you've found a precious, safe place to land and do this POWERful work."
Andrea, 47, Milwaukee

"I learned to live in my own power and sovereignty this year..."

"I knew I needed help with embodiment. Plus the universe kept putting POWER in front of me. I was surprised at how resistant I started out to the concept of mantras and yet, how effective they are. I learned to live in my own power and sovereignty this year, things like compassionate self-talk, noticing when I am externally referencing -- and switching to look in for validation. I’m slowly learning to listen to my body -- including differentiating sensations around emotions, finding (for the first time!) what "hell yes" feels like, and starting to realize what "hell no" feels like."
Amy N., 55, St Louis MO

"I don't second guess myself (as much) and I'm able to make a decision and move forward without obsessing if whether or not it was the "right" decision."

"I was feeling very lost and confused - with life, my decisions, with myself... I didn't feel like myself. I was feeling SO disconnected from... everything. I hadn't even considered joining when I would hear you talk about it in the podcast or on IG. Firstly because I had just started working after more than a year of not working and was trying not to spend money on anything "non-essential". Then one night while scrolling IG I saw a post and something in me just said "Do it.” POWER helped me realize that I "knew" more than I realized (in relation to feeling so confused and lost) but that I was just constantly searching for someone else to explain "it" to me and basically tell me what to do. My intuition is so much stronger than I realized and now I know that it's ok for me to trust it. I don't second guess myself (as much) and I'm able to make a decision and move forward without obsessing if whether or not it was the "right" decision. I’m better at saying no and putting boundaries in place, not overly explaining myself when I say no or decline, putting myself first, and how I communicate with people. I'm able to be more honest even if I'm worried it will upset the other person."
Denise, 38 Orlando, FL

"I've felt more embodied in my everyday life than ever. And every single workshop brought me deep, resonant truths and realizations."

"My POWER 2019 experience was quietly transformational. Because I've been doing this work with Elizabeth for years now, the shifts are more subtle, more refined, but by no means less significant. I've experienced a strong kinship with her and her work, and have found that although our paths are of course unique and different, there's also been a sort of parallel inner experience that has allowed me to glean some super-relevant insights in a way that I've never experienced in any other program or with any other mentor or guide. Also, I was at a very, very low point last year when enrollment came around, and I knew that POWER would be exactly the kind of support I needed to get through it. I wouldn't say that this surprised me, but I love to be reminded of the way I get what I need when, and how I need it in Elizabeth's programs. I did the movement practice less often some months, but when I did it, I experienced major shifts. I've felt more embodied in my everyday life than ever. And every single workshop brought me deep, resonant truths and realizations. I've continued to hone my trust, integrate my practice, and get more and more comfortable with honoring the process in a world that doesn't."
Crecia Cipriano, 43, Hamden CT

"I learned to accept all the parts of me, even the ones I'm not fond of, and to be more tender and compassionate with myself."

"I've worked with you before and love your teachings, tools, and practices, so I joined POWER 2020. I’ve also been working on owning my power and learning what that means for me and with you as a facilitator it was a must. I discovered that change comes in the little aha's and small moments, not always these huge statements and that it's also ok to take breaks from working on healing --it will always be there for me. I really started to feel into my emotions, especially grief. Grief has been able to come out as I have felt safe and with tools. I've avoided pain and discomfort for so long and feeling it feels so beautiful and healing. I model worthiness now and I have awareness and acceptance that maybe I don't need to work hard on changing behaviours that may be inherently mine. I learned to accept all the parts of me, even the ones I'm not fond of, and to be more tender and compassionate with myself."
Celeste, 39, Vancouver, BC

"I am more clear about the guidance I am getting from my Soul and take action from there. I am stronger and more centered in my truth."

"My word for the year was POWER (before I even heard you announce the name), it felt so right and so completely aligned with where I was on my journey, so I joined. I learned this year that embracing my power and living centered in myself, my knowing, my truth is how I want to live my life. This isn’t like learning with my mind, it's like learning with my body and I don't always see the connection points, but oddly, I don't feel the need to. I just know that I'm on the right track with it and my body is so happy that I'm finally tuning in. I think it has to be how much I'm loving my body now. The feelings I have when I touch her now are not critical, they are more loving. I'm heavier than I've ever been and yet, I'm learning to love and honor this body and then take good care of her. So big for me. There are so many others, but the most fascinating thing for me is what is happening as I practice surrender and trust. Things that I've struggled with finding solutions to for so long that I've ultimately given up on just magically happen in the most random ways and I notice even the little things now. I move my body more and with love. I pray more and offer things up to Source. I am more clear about the guidance I am getting from my Soul and take action from there. I am stronger and more centered in my truth."
Lillie Marshall, Charlotte, North Carolina

"When I joined POWER, I imagined that journeying with you for the year would be the support structure and nurturing I needed to stay committed to my own truth and not get as distracted and sucked into the old ways any longer. That turned out to be true."

"The flow and weaving of how one month and topic connected to the next and all the others. Every month when I thought well, there is still so much to find and integrate here, not sure if I'm ready to move on... the next month would bring healing and resolution to exactly these things as well, in the forms that were needed then and maybe in ways I would never have found had I stayed with the previous month. There were often months, when I did feel super ready to move on, too, which always surprised me as well, as I had this idea that healing is a bottomless hole with no endings in sight?! Looking back, the POWER year feels like a ceremony of synchronicity and this flow in itself has contributed so much to trusting in cycles and God and my own rhythms. I listen to people with a lot more compassion and inner silence and often don't feel constricted (or in some instances threatened) by their processes and perspectives any more. I rediscovered touch as a way to become present and drop back into the body. With all the moments during the sessions where we put our hands on the body you have helped me normalize caring for myself with loving touch and mothering myself. AND! FOMO has greatly decreased in my life. When I joined POWER, I imagined that journeying with you for the year would be the support structure and nurturing I needed to stay committed to my own truth and not get as distracted and sucked into the old ways any longer. That turned out to be true :)"
Ruth Jahn, Vienna


POWER is set up perfectly to flow through the calendar year with four topics to explore (one for each season) and twelve mantras to work with and embody (one per month).


Four Video Lessons

(one for each topic) to help you work through the topic

Four Guided Visualizations

(one for each topic) to help you connect to your Wild Soul and directly download any higher guidance or wisdom this divinely attuned part of yourself may have for you

12 Carefully Curated Mantras

(one for each topic) to help you journey through each topic and integrate the complete lessons

12 Wild Soul Movement Practice Videos

(one for each mantra) that you’ll do 2-4x/week to help you embody your growth, healing and transformation, not just think about it

POWER Journal

A two part print journal with exploration questions for every month and a daily pages section for gratitude and self reflection (and no worries, we absorb the extra shipping cost for our non-US based wild souls, whoo hoo!)

12 POWER Prayers

(one for each mantra) to help you connect to the material on a more spiritual level if you’d like to

Access to a Member Portal

for the duration of your circle (one year) where all of the content will live*.

Access to a Private Group Forum

for the duration of your circle (one year).

*After your year is up, your access to the member portal will end, but you’ll keep lifetime access to all of the content in a PDF we’ll send you with every link in it.


"I feel confident, grounded, and secure in me. My soul is settled."

"I signed up for POWER to get into my body and stand in my agency. My year was about letting go of the pressure I put on myself and to see and acknowledge my own value. I don't rely on others' perceptions of me. I feel confident, grounded, and secure in me. My soul is settled. There's an unconscious mantra of "I'm good". It's very subtle, but I feel like I'm on equal footing with my partner. I no longer feel inferior. He doesn’t see me as something he needs to fix. It's shifted our dynamic in a positive way."
Sharon, 43, Maryland


No need to brace yourself, I’ve intentionally priced POWER very accessibly.

I’ve worked with therapists, coaches and healers who charge anywhere from $90/session – $500/session. If that were the case for POWER, the investment would have to be from $5000 to $10,000+.

My last business coach told me I should *minimally* be charging $1500 for it, and that was before I updated and upgraded everything including the bonuses you’ll read about below (which are worth at least $1000 on their own).

Gather Up Pricing: I understand that the full investment may not be immediately accessible to everyone, so I’ve reserved up to 50 spots in POWER 2020 for what I call “Gather Up” Pricing. Deadline to apply was 12/31, thank you to everyone who took me up on the offer!

Note: Registration is final. There are no refunds or opt-outs from payments.

See policy below.


Topic Workshops ($196 value)

Each season as we dive into a new topic, I’ll run an extra deep dive workshop to teach something that will support your growth, healing and transformation.

• Surrender + Release Workshop: Forgiveness

• Trust + Receptivity Workshop: Compassion and Discernment

• Passion + Purpose Workshop: Conscious Language and Manifestation

• Love + Truth Workshop: Power “Reform”

The Unconsume Yourself Training Library ($249 value)

Video 1: Life Inventory:
A simple practice you can do quarterly to take stock of your life by category and be sure you’re aligning with your values and priorities.

Video 2: Healthy Responses vs Unhealthy Reactions:
Get real about releasing what keeps you from being kind, gentle, loving, and compassionate with yourself and others so that you can enjoy more connection, collaboration, love, and intimacy in your relationships.

Video 3: Decluttering:
Learn how to create space in your life anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed by decluttering your physical, mental, emotional and energetic spaces from both obvious and surprising things.

Video 4: Sovereignty and Boundaries:
How to set and maintain boundaries with kindness and firmness, stop overfunctioning and
determine where you may be taking too much responsibility in your life.

Video 5: Acceptance, Receptivity and Self-Trust:
Three self-love cornerstones that will boost your confidence and make thriving a much easier and more sustainable reality for you.

Video 6: Courageous Communication:
This is the kind of training you’ll wish you got in school. To connect with and live as your truest self long term will require some uncomfortable conversations with people in your life. In this video we explore a framework that can serve you in any scenario you ever need to address.

Mantra Graphics

A fun bonus for our creative and visually inclined members, stay connected to the mantras throughout the year – each month you get a graphic you can make your wallpaper on your phone, tablet or computer.

Guest Mentor Interviews

(PRICELESS!) Listen, I’m totally biased, this is the bonus I’m most excited about. I’ve gathered up some of your favorite Truth Telling podcast guests and personal friends to add some extra wisdom to your POWER journey each quarter with an hour long Interview and Q+A session.

As a young gymnast diagnosed with MD at the age of 12 Ahlea was cornered into translating her own story into a healing opportunity. Her diagnosis and gift has took her on a dynamic and rather unconventional adventure. From mainstream hospitals to the feet of yogic masters she’s carved a far-reaching path that has allowed her to see new ways to heal the body and soul… and pepper the lives she touches with new perspectives.
Rie is the founder of Erotic Movement Arts ® which is a multi sensory, pleasure based, conscious movement and fitness experience for women. Part sacred temple, part boudoir – EMA offers a safe space for women to journey into their inherent spiritual embodied wisdom which includes our eroticness. Rie’s classes bring women from all over the world to explore through sacred dance, dialog, ritual, play and witnessing each other in their exploration of what it takes to choose to move from their liberated authentic self.
Lisa Berkovitz helps people change the way things work in this world at the highest level according to what’s written in the architecture of their soul. She believes there’s a power waiting to be unleashed through you and it will clear the way of everything no longer aligned or true for you.
Staci J. Shelton is a leadership and performance consultant working with individuals and organizations to achieve better results. Her mission is: Releasing Humans from captivity and the tyranny of limited beliefs and labels…self imposed or otherwise; Helping humans resolve inner dissonance and cultivate a lifestyle of powerful self-love, self-acceptance, reclaimed agency, freedom and abundance.


Community, Connection + Accountability

Based on the feedback from POWER 2019 participants, I’ve added this bonus for those who are really excited about connecting with other wild souls, gathering together in real life, forming accountability pods, and cultivating deeper friendships. The team and I will collect the information of those who want to participate in this and facilitate the communication and structure for you to have accountability calls, local meet ups and practice circles.

"I was surprised by the amount of self trust I have built through these practices and I witnessed some real changes in myself, especially in how I interact with others..."

"I’m thankful for this experience. I wanted to do POWER to get out of my head and into my body. I was surprised by the amount of self trust I have built through these practices and I witnessed some real changes in myself, especially in how I interact with others: Acknowledging that I really do have the answers when I take time to listen for them. I pause to reflect when I’m triggered. I really ask for what I need now. I value my time above almost everything else. I’ve dated a few people this year and was super intuitive and honest about my feelings even when they didn’t match my partners’. I allow myself so much grace on the hard days now. (I used to really feel awful about feeling awful - which made me feel worse, of course)."
Melissa, 40, New York



When: Our yearlong POWER circle runs Jan 6 – Dec 30, 2020

What: A combination of movement videos, guided audios, community
forum, check in and Q+A calls, prayers, mantras, workshops, a physical journal that I mail to you (I know right?! Who mails things anymore?) PLUS a slew of bonuses and guest mentors to deepen and enhance your experience.

Where: Access all materials online, which means you can tune in from anywhere in the world. And since every single thing is recorded, you don’t even have to be available to make every call.

Who: Me, you and Wild Soul Women all over the world!

How Much: To join POWER is just $120 per month for 12 months or one-time time payment of $1299. (Which as you saw above, is a friggin’ steal and I’m super excited to be able to offer it to you!) 

Why: Because to borrow words from Teri Degler, “Even of all those women who are comfortable with emotions, very few are comfortable with the feeling of wild, surging power…the trick is to realize that we do indeed embody this power and then to become comfortable with the way this feels. We need, in other words, to come to a place where we can sit and quietly hold this great power in our bellies.”

And in Wild Soul terms. . . WE NEED TO USE OUR POWER, for expansion for
love, for good, and for healing

"I’m taking up more space in the world, moving with more confidence, and owning my autonomy and agency in ways I never knew were available to me."

"I joined for the Community and structured container for exploring and growing. I’m more at home in my body than ever before. I move with a confidence that I *feel* from the core of my being. I am seeing myself more as a whole, multi-faceted human being. I've broken out of roles. I've discovered desires and started forming dreams that are from within my own soul, not impressed upon me from outside influences. I have a lot more clarity of current dynamics in my relationships. I'm seeing a greater fullness to life - and the abundance of experiences available to me. I've learned so much just from listening to the sensations of my body and following where that leads. Sometimes moving through layers of intense discomfort, other times learning to trust and revel in the good, delicious feelings. I feel a lot safer. I’m taking up more space in the world, moving with more confidence, owning my autonomy and agency in ways I never knew were available to me. I've enjoyed the calls so much. I loved the opportunity to connect with Elizabeth and the others in the group in real time. The calls with the guest mentors were really enriching. Elizabeth brought in so many dynamic people. The conversations were thought-provoking - and many of them life-changing."
Amanda, 38


Over the years I’ve experimented with a variety of refund policies from no refunds, to 30 and 60 Day Money Back Guarantees; no questions asked to requiring people to fill out a form to essentially “submit proof” that they’d at least done the first module and truly didn’t experience any results or benefits.


I’ve also checked in with colleagues and analyzed the various philosophies around each.


Out of 1130+ women in the last five years, our refund request/process rate was very low, around 1%.


The last time I experimented with offering a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, it became clear that with such a policy in place, it created the option to join and “try it out.”


It also gave people an excuse to hit “eject” as soon as they hit resistance in the first module — which unless you’re a master of everything listed under Surrender + Release, you will hit too. It’s part of doing deep work like this.


In fact, it’s safe to assume you’ll hit some resistance in all of the modules.


It’s not supposed to be breezy or feel good all the time. Remember when I said we’re not just about “Love and Light” or “Good Vibes Only” ? This is real deal growth, healing and transformational work.


Things will come up inside the program and also in your life throughout the year. It will be challenging. This container is meant to hold you through all of that.


This is one reason I made this a yearlong experience and stopped doing it self-paced.


When it’s self-paced it’s easier to throw in the towel. In a year-long container, it’s easier to take a breather, then come back when you’re ready because you’ve got the momentum of a group to support you. You’re not on your own.


That said, I’m not up for people trying it out, coming and going or joining reluctantly.


Although you can make monthly payments, this is not a membership you can cancel or opt-out of anytime.


When you join for the year, you’re in the for the year.


When you own a home or rent an apartment, you don’t opt out of your mortgage or the rent if you happen to be traveling. Same goes here.


This work works if you do. Your commitment and effort are the guarantee and I am here to guide you 100% of the way.


As well, energetically, I really only want you to join if you’re a wholehearted yes. It’s a circle for a reason. We’re in this together.


Even if you can’t engage completely for every single call, topic, month or practice we do together, when you join POWER for the year, you’re entering into an energetic container that is built to hold you no matter what.


When you’re a full yes and you know you want to do this, you don’t need a refund or opt-out policy. Especially since you get lifetime access to the materials and can return to them and use them for many years to come.


That is my commitment. I’m not going to give up on you and this policy highly reduces any likelihood of you giving up on yourself.


So that is why there are no refunds and you cannot opt out of your payments if you choose the monthly option.

Now, I’ve done my best to outline every possible detail and piece of information you could need to make an informed decision on this page. There’s also an extensive FAQ/SAQ page here.


However, if you’re new to me or aren’t sure yet if I’m the best guide for you in 2020, here are three things you can try to help you feel that out thoroughly before registration closes on 12/29:


1) Have a listen to the Journey Into The Wild Soul podcast series. You can start here with episode one.


2) Join the free pop up Facebook group that’s running through 12/31 to see: a) how I hold space and interact with the group and b) what kind of women I attract into a group.


3) Try out the Wild Soul Movement practice.


Here are two videos:

-To the mantra, “I am fierce”


-To the mantra “Love And Grace Now Free Me.”


Ok, I know I spent a lot of time in this section, but it’s important.


I look forward to having people in POWER who don’t feel pressured or coerced in any way and are fully open and excited for the experience (even if feeling nervous, intimidated or a little tender/vulnerable at the prospect of so much healing and expansion). This ensures an invaluable year for everyone.

I was so excited to give you all the juicy details about POWER, I didn’t properly introduce myself! I’m Elizabeth DiAlto, the practical mystic behind this Wild Souled POWER operation. This is my sacred work to do in the world so what you can expect from me should you join me for this yearlong adventure, is my full presence, energy, guidance and support. As one of my favorite sayings goes, “I’m not new to this, I’m true to this.”

My aim is to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be, while always keeping primary focus on cultivating your trust and faith in the idea that everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of YOU. That’s it. Your power lives within you and basically, I am here to guide you home.

"Through POWER the whole concept of being and having a safe space became concrete for me."

"I loved your podcast and once bought your toolkit, so I decided to join POWER. I had a feeling that joining power would be a perfect combination between thinking and feeling. I am really surprised that a Facebook group can be a safe space. Through POWER the whole concept of being and having a safe space became concrete for me. Some things I do differently now are: feeling my body on all its different layers again, really practicing intuitive eating from a place that my body knows what’s right for her in every moment, noticing and letting go of the need to be right as often as possible, getting into vigorous movement again from a place of love and compassion, seeing myself as a cyclic being, and giving my body rest."
Johanna, 33, Germany


I spent the last six years developing, honing and tweaking this program. If you’re the type that likes to know the rhyme and reason behind everything,

Click here for the full FAQs (frequently asked questions) and SAQs (should ask questions).


As I sat down to write this last little love note to anyone who’s made it to this very bottom part of the page and is still feeling into whether or not POWER is the right investment for you in 2020, I decided to pull a card from my current favorite oracle deck, Earth Warriors by Alana Fairchild.


The card I pulled was “Pacha Karmaq”…here’s the message:


Finding what works for you can only happen as you begin to listen to the body, to your mind and your soul, listening as if your spirit were a caring and wise parent. Nature knows how to nourish and heal itself. Our bodies can guide us towards what they need for healing, as can our soul. As we recondition ourselves to listen, rather than demand, we tap into the guidance of the Divine Feminine dwelling within us. What you derive pleasure from consuming at a physical, emotional and psychological level will shift as your relationship to yourself changes.


Registration officially ends on January 3. We start
January 6. To everyone who decides to take this journey with me in 2020, I
cannot wait to work with you.