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Hello person who is thinking about working with me 1:1,

I took a lot of time on this page to detail what working with me 1:1 entails and share a good bit of my personal process in arriving at the body of work over many years.

That might seem weird since you’re here to see if I can help YOU get the results you want, but by sharing how I’ve established and created my 1:1 work over the last seven years my hope is to give you a fuller and more thorough feel for whether or not we’d be a good fit to work together.

Please read through everything and/or watch the whole video above.

The application you’re invited to fill out on this page, is itself the beginning of our process together (though of course it doesn’t obligate you to anything). One of my super powers is asking you the questions you need the answers to. You’ll notice this in the application.

Once I receive it, I’ll be in touch to schedule a call. It’s not a sales call, I don’t “sell” people into my work. It’s a call to establish our connection and create the container if we do decide to work together.

Of course I do not expect you to make a decision on the spot, though some folks do that. Not everyone makes their best decisions that way though, so if you need time to think and feel into it, I always honor that.

Ready to apply now? Click here – please give yourself 15-30 minutes to fill out the application. 

Want more info? Keep reading.


I hear stuff like this a lot…

“What do you actually do?”

“Are you a coach?”

“Oh…so you’re a healer!”

I have a few different answers to the “What do you do?” question when it relates to the podcast, content, Wild Soul Movement, my platform and online programs, but when it comes to 1:1 work, it’s a bit more complex because the work is a synthesis of several modalities.

I made the video above to speak to that a bit more, but for those who aren’t into videos and need some notes, here you go:

Technically I do not give my 1:1 a title, but if I had to choose a few that could encompass the modalities, “coach,” “healer,” “mentor,” “consultant,” or “guide” could work.

To me, what it’s called is much less important than the results and outcomes we get together.

The work occurs at the places where HEALING, GROWTH, LEADERSHIP and CREATIVITY intersect and intertwine.

I mentioned this in the video and actually paused before creativity because for a while I debated between using that word or SPIRITUALITY.

Ultimately I went with creativity because spirituality is actually woven through all the components. It doesn’t stand alone.

The modalities include embodiment-focused coaching, energy work, strategy, values identification, identity work, forgiveness and release work, deep emotional processing, intuitive work, spiritual practices, self care and health practices, working with cycles, rhythms and seasons (your own and the earth and cosmos), personality assessments and more.

And if I’m being super honest and not self-conscious about being judged, what you can also count on is a bit of mysticism, priestessing and some miraculous grace. (My clients and I often joke #youcantmakethisshitup.)

Because the work is infused with so many modalities, the nuance, complexity, depth, and span of what we can accomplish, create, resolve, heal and get done together is vast.

It’s really exciting, yo!

I also want to be clear, not every client needs all the things. 

It doesn’t feel like what my dad calls, “squeezing 10 pounds of shit in a five pound bag.”

It feels like a carefully woven tapestry quilt made just for you, to hold you through your healing, growth, transformation, transmutation, rebirth, creative process, fulfilling your potential or whatever else might be up for you.

It feels like having access to a magic Mary Poppins bag and we pull out whatever we need as we need it.


I share this part because in the past, I’ve personally worked with people who were not doing their work in a sustainable way and that was harmful to clients, so I want you to know, I don’t roll like that.

I spent SEVEN YEARS, from 2011 to 2018 honing my offerings to be services that are not only high quality and results-driven, but sustainable for me as one human being to do for years to come without burning out or quitting.

I’ve also learned how to keep my ego in check and not countertransfer or project my own stuff onto clients, no matter what’s going on in my personal life.

(2017 was my bootcamp for this after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship, while also running a nine month mentorship for 20 women where we got into some of their deepest stuff. It was intense!)

This is my JOYFUL SERVICE now (h/t to acquaintance and colleague Aime Miyamoto for that term).

What this looks like is this:

The work allows me to use my innate gifts of curiosity, simplifying complex things, integrating and innovating multiple healing modalities, getting to the root of an issue or the seedling of a vision and identifying next steps, holding space, hearing and articulating things you aren’t saying or can’t say yet, and helping you move through and beyond things you may doubt you ever could.

Because I’m an avid learner, practicer, practitioner and devotee of healing, growth, leadership and creativity myself, what you get is custom crafted for you.

It’s trauma and social justice informed.

It centers around your lived experiences and it honors the vision and desires of your heart and soul.

If you’re someone to whom these things sound vague and unclear, I’m probably not for you.

If you’re someone for whom this resonates, feels nourishing and maybe even like a relief, like finally someone will get you and see you…I might just be your person.

I also share this because my work is for people who are LEADERS, CREATIVES, INNOVATORS, ENTREPRENEURS, EXECUTIVES and other folks whose work in the world impacts others.

If you’re this kind of person, it’s important for you also to be identifying, harnessing and using your unique gifts and talents, as well as working in a way that is sustainable and aligned for you.

I can help with this.

Ready to apply? Click here. 

Still want more info? Keep reading…


I do immersions with clients.

-To begin, we choose two days to get together IN REAL LIFE.

This way we can take our time, move and explore, get a white board or those big Post-It pages and map things out, do healing and energy work if we need to, go for walks, break bread together and get much more done in shared intensive space than we can over Skype, Zoom or a series of spread out phone calls.

-We do a pre-immersion call to get clear on the goals, outcomes, results and intentions you desire so we can be focused as soon as your immersion begins. This also helps me to learn what I need to learn about you to craft your unique experience.

This is important: Immersions are designed for YOU to live and thrive, based on who you are and how you’re built. 

-You leave feeling and having experienced a lot of things from clearing, healing, resolution, and unstuck, to relieved, lighter, invigorated, focused, and determined.

To be transparent, people are usually a bit tired, too and it’s great if you can plan for a day or so after to rest or at the very least, not have to jump back into your life full force.

-You also leave with a game plan, which includes tools and practices to support you in integrating the work, as well as strategy and a literal step by step map depending on what your desired results, goals, intentions or outcomes are.

-We do a post-immersion call within two weeks to help further anchor in and integrate the work we did during the immersion.

I also check in on how you’re executing your plan and we can make any tweaks if we need to.

-In some cases people want to continue working with me for a few more months, which is an option. However, it’s not necessary to explore the option until the post-immersion call, because it’s about a 50-50 split. Some clients are good to go on their own. Others want ongoing support.

I’ll never push this, it’s really up to you.


There are three options:

-Meet me where I am. I am based in Los Angeles but travel a lot throughout the year, (see below for my availability in other locations this year in case they’re more convenient for you than coming to LA).

-I come to you.

-We meet somewhere you’d like to go.


April 1-4 Sydney, Australia

April 8-9 Melbourne, Australia

April 22 – May 7 Los Angeles, CA

May 13-16 New York City

June 17-20 anywhere between Tampa and Miami, Florida

June 25-July 15 Los Angeles, CA or the location of your choosing

July 23-30 Europe

August 13-15 Toronto, ON or Chicago, IL

August 19-22 Chicago, IL or the location of your choosing

August 22-September 12 Los Angeles, CA or the location of your choosing

September 23-30 San Francisco Bay area or the location of your choosing

October 1-15 Los Angeles, CA or the location of your choosing

October 22-31 East Coast, USA


The base rate for an immersion where you meet me where I am is $5500 and includes a place for you to stay, lunch both days and dinner on the first day.

If I come to you or we meet somewhere, some additional travel and accommodation costs are factored into your investment. Lunch on both days and dinner on the first is still on me.

No immersion is more than $7500.

A note about the investment: I realize when it comes to money, everything is relative and subjective. Some people might look at $5500 and think, “Damn! That’s it?!”

Others might think, “Wow! That’s a lot.”

Regardless of which camp you fall into, I can promise you, it’s always worth it. Rather than take my word for it though, here’s how my clients have described their experiences:

“Working with Elizabeth has provided the most direct and fun path to clarity I’ve ever had. Through one on one coaching calls as well as a 2 day immersion together, she helped me renegotiate my business model to be of higher service to my clients and more sustainable, enjoyable, and profitable for me too…not to mention, a massive improvement to my quality of life.

Her no-nonsense, New Yorker approach to “calling it like it is” cuts right to the core of the energetic blocks and fears that were keeping me stuck and the powerful energetic nurturing energy she brings to the work creates a really safe container to feel safe and compl tell supported every step of the way. She has a way of intermingling deeply esoteric and spiritual support with clear and actionable steps to bridge the gap from where you are to literally operating where you want to be.

– Sarah Nannen, Owner, Renkon Yoga Studio + Founder of Grief Unveiled

What surprised me most was how much I learned about myself. I thought I knew myself pretty well, but there was (and still is) so much more. Elizabeth facilitated that wild and deep exploration for me, and it was magic.

This isn’t any ‘ol life/business coaching. This is Spiritual Special Ops. I came out of our work together with clarity of vision, clarity of purpose, personal accountability, boundaries and an integrated alignment to my values & priorities that I didn’t have before.

Elizabeth’s coaching isn’t cookie-cutter and it’s the best combination of straight-up businessy stuff & spiritual/self alignment. In every interaction, Elizabeth creates a sacred container primed for intentions, experimentation, discovery, questioning, laughter, alignment and execution. You don’t have to be anything or anyone else but yourself for this experience. Just show up for the work as you are and Elizabeth will guide you to finding your juiciest self.

-Jacqueline Carly, Founder Maria and Jane + Marked Skin Health

When I reached out to Elizabeth and filled out the Immersion application, I had ALL these problems that I wanted to work out. They were so important that I don’t remember a single thing I wrote on the application. And that was my problem. I was distracting myself with made up issues because I didn’t want to face what I really needed to figure out.  Funny thing is when you work with Elizabeth everything comes out in the open, in the most organic way possible.

Within our first few hours, Elizabeth drew out of me the core of what I was truly struggling with. My identity. That weekend we got to the core of who I am, why I have patterns I live, and what I can do to overcome my blocks. I made a solid decision in my career, and had tools in place before I left to ensure I follow through.

Throughout my life I’ve always had a pretty good connection to my intuition. But sometimes it didn’t speak to me, or so I believed.  Elizabeth helped me decipher my own body/intuitive language that has been 100% TRUE. My intuition is always on, I just didn’t understand the message. Now I do, and it is amazing to know every decision I make is 100% true for me.

My spiritual practice is finally consistent. While I use several practices to connect, I do so every single day, sometimes multiple times daily based on what I need. The best part is, I know when I need more, and exactly what I need. I am in tune with life, and the universal thread that guides it.

My relationships have improved tenfold. With my kids, my husband, and my friends. I’ve become discerning in my relationships, in what I expect and want out of a relationship, but also how I show up for my people. Amazingly my circle has shrunk and I feel richer than ever. I am fulfilled and loved.  I laugh loudly on airplanes again, and sing in public (although people around me probably don’t appreciate it, but I love it so I am not stopping).

I can honestly go on, because the immersion has had an impact on every aspect of my life. But I want to end it with the impact the immersion weekend has had on my career/business. When I came to immersion, I had no clue where I was going in my businesses. I had lost the passion, and frankly was burnt out on everything real estate related. After immersion, I had full clarity I was able to reignite the fire in my belly, and not only come back to help grow my existing business, but start another complimentary company that works hand in hand, yet independently of our real estate investment company.

If you don’t know how your body and your soul are speaking to you every single moment of your life, you need to work with Elizabeth.  If there is any part of your life that isn’t where you want it to be: family, romantic relationship, work, finances, blocks, spirituality, if you are missing anything – even if you don’t know what that one thing is. Go work with Elizabeth and you will change your life.” 

– Ines McCanna,  Radix Real Estate Company

There were not too many surprises during my immersion, though one surprise was the energy work we did. I did not know that Elizabeth had experience with energetic links and cords in that way. I was pleasantly surprised to receive healing through that modality.

The biggest change afterwards was my mindset. I really left believing in my business in a way I hadn’t expected. Elizabeth totally normalized my work and allowed for it to be normal. This was really helpful in allowing me to see the potential more clearly. I’ve definitely gained confidence and also less drama around my work. I left the building in NYC where we had been working like, ‘I can do this!’ Really helpful, as I’m not necessarily a fake it till you make it kind and it felt so truthful to say I can do this. Elizabeth was also really good and getting to a root pattern/trauma that even after a year I’m still working on breaking down, that’s how deep it is. She really was the catalyst for me looking at this deep core pattern and I’m so happy it came through that day, because now I have the opportunity to move forward in new ways.

I would recommend the immersion experience to anyone who is ready to go deep into themselves, to finally say yes to themselves in a way that is significant. The personalized attention and one on one time is everything. I really love all the work that Elizabeth does, and I see so much value in the one on one work with her. This experience was powerful, honest, engaging and supportive. The perfect recipe for expanding your capacity and ability to believe in yourself once again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

– Kalah Hill, Founder of Pussy Consciousness 

“I can’t even describe how much I awe and how much overwhelming gratitude I am feeling for the shifts that have occurred during our work together. I’m accepting all of myself, finding my power, speaking my truth and most importantly finding deep deep love for who I am. It all sounds like a tagline from a. Self help book, but it’s f’ing real!!!! To be honest there were parts of me that didn’t think this was possible.”

– Jennifer Arthurton, founder of Old Chicks Know Shit 

Ok! That’s officially all the info I have for you at this stage in the conversation, so if you’re ready to apply now, click the button and let’s take the next step!