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Wild Soul Movement
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Wild Soul Oracle Deck
44 Cards + Guidebook for
Deep Nature, Connection, Trust, and Revealing

In our modern, media-saturated world there are more than enough others trying to tell us what things mean and asking us to trust them. With this deck I am offering you untouched images of flowers, healing mantras and messages, illuminating reflection questions and rituals. Each of these invites you to CONNECT to the meaning, wisdom, and truth WITHIN, and TRUST YOURSELF.

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Wild Soul Toolkit
Practices, Rituals, and Meditations to Navigate EVERYDAY Life

Self-care is always urgent, like thirst. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Likewise, if you feel like you need self-care, you’re already depleted. For a really long time, I’ve been observing where common self-care practices fall short, and have based the tools in this kit around deeper care — think of it as “Wild Soul Care.”

Wild Soul Care is a demonstration of faith – not just in the physical which is where a lot of regular self-care focuses (massages, manicures, nutrition, exercise, etc). But in WHOLENESS, which includes your soul, the deepest essence of who you are. The tools here will help you go beyond the surface of basic self-care and nourish YOUR ENTIRE BEING.

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Untame Yourself is about bringing women home to themselves in a grounded, practical and inspirational way centered around the belief that, “Everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of you.” It’s about getting out of your head and into your body, creating better boundaries and using discernment. Elizabeth focuses not only relating to yourself in a more loving, peaceful and powerful way, but learning to communicate with others from a place of compassion with an open heart for more positive outcomes, greater intimacy, and deeper connection. Finally, the book also teaches you how to balance, integrate and harness the often unknown or misunderstood gifts in both your masculine and feminine energies.

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