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Wild Soul Movement
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As we approach the six year birthday of Wild Soul Movement (est. Sept 2013), over 1500 people have experienced the practice worldwide. 

Based on so many experiences, here’s what I can say without exaggeration:

Wild Soul movement is a multi-layered practice that yields sustained transformation, healing, resolution and expansion on many levels: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and relational.

Emphasis on sustained because this is real, deep work that lasts. It’s not fluff and it’s no bandaid. It’s healing balm for the soul.

At its core Wild Soul Movement is embodiment work

The practice has four components:

1. We use movement and breath to learn to connect with and listen to the body. 

2.  We use mantras to reprogram and empower the mind (these are English mantras that I write myself, we do not appropriate from other cultures).

3.  We use meditation to cultivate inner peace. 

4.  We use self-reflection to develop emotional literacy and discernment through our feelings and senses.

Wild Soul Movement helps you integrate all of the self help, personal development and spiritual work you do by grounding it into your body and your life, so you don’t get stuck in cycles of bypass or consumption without any long term healing, change or transformation taking place.

*Wherever it says women on this page, please know anyone who identifies as a woman in any capacity, whether assigned at birth or not is included.

Wild Souls are “deeper seekers.”

Deeper seekers are those who feel the pull to graduate from doing “basic level”**, self help, personal development and spiritual work and be fed, met and heal on both higher and deeper levels. 

Wild Souls know that honesty that lacks compassion is cruelty. They place a high value on kindness, generosity, integrity, humility and reverence, AND they get that real love is both fierce and filled with grace.

“Wild” in our context implies freedom from that which:

-keeps you from your truth, 

-stokes your fears and insecurities, 

-keeps you in comparison mode and overly reliant on external validation, 

-prevents you from being the fullest, most vibrant, loving expression of all that you are, 

-messes with your ability to have healthy, loving, nourishing relationships of all kinds 

It’s is an ever evolving state. 

“Soul” is your divinity:

The part of you that is always loving and guiding your “human” or “ego” self towards a higher path [when you take the time to connect to it].

Wild Soul level work is inclusive, speaks to and acknowledges a wide range of experiences and identities, is trauma and social justice informed and incorporates nuance and complexity that basic level** work does not.

It’s for folks who have some practice, experience, growth and understanding under their belts already and want to take the next step.

**Basic level: This is the stuff that either wakes people up and sets them on their path or, the stuff that gives you a good taste of self help, personal development and spiritual work, but cannot take you very far or deep.
Think Law of Attraction, “good vibes only,” “love and light,” “only do what feels good”, “everything is a choice”, motivational and inspiration only type stuff. Also anything that demonizes negativity, classifies valid emotions like anger or sadness as “low vibe” rather than inviting you to honor and learn from ALL of your experiences, and places disproportionate emphasis on mindset or spirituality without integrating very human, embodied experiences, too.

In broad strokes, what we aim to embody is truth and wisdom that is rooted in courage, compassion, love and liberation.

To integrate and embody the fullness of who you are in this way, we explore a myriad of themes related to self awareness, knowledge, acceptance, trust, love and empowerment. 

Although a lot of this work focuses on you and the “self” – that is just the beginning. 

Acknowledging and considering the impact and ripple effects each of us have on the world around us and taking that responsibility to heart is also integral to the practice.

Here are some of the truths and wisdom teachings Wild Soul Movement can help you embody (notice which resonate for you most, every single one may not resonate for every single person):

1.  Every woman deserves to feel safe and at home in her body. 

2.  Everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of you.

3.  Working in is just as (if not more) important than working out.

4.  Getting out of your head and into your body is the key to a vibrant, joyful, meaningful life. This means learning how to harmonize the brilliance of the body with the beauty of the mind. 

5.  Your body is sacred. It’s the vessel through which you can fully experience your soul and carry out your life’s purpose. 

6.  You are a work in progress and a work of art

7.  Your intuition is how the Divine speaks to you, your senses are the language it speaks, and every body has its own dialect.

8.  Embodiment work is a combination of learning to speak your body’s unique language of the senses, heal by connecting to what your body is constantly telling you, build resiliency (especially if you’re an empath or highly sensitive, deeply feeling person), and integrate all of the information you’re constantly taking in from the world within you and around you. 

9.  Discernment is liberating! When you know what “yes,” “no” and “truth” feel like in your body, discernment can become a life giving and ease inducing practice in your life (think about all the energy, stuckness or confusion you experience feeling unsure or not trusting yourself).

10.  Because this culture objectifies and sexualizes women beginning at an early age, we have a lot of de-programming and learning to do around enjoying the pleasure of our own existence by developing a friendship and reverence with and for our bodies. 

As you can see, the practice is also designed to melt away the things that make you feel wrong, ashamed, less than, or unsafe as a woman in your sacred body.

It helps you develop a strong sense of self so you can move through life with the kind of confidence, esteem and assuredness that helps you make more aligned choices and show up better for who and what really matters to you.

Wild Soul Movement helps to cultivate personal and collective power, trust and freedom. It fosters the permission and stability many crave within, but are unsure of how to achieve. It’s a pathway home to yourself so that you can heal what needs healing and be a force for expansion, for love, and for good in the world. 

If even one or two things on this list resonate for you, Teacher Training could be a great next step on your path…

-You have a huge desire to contribute to and have an impact on the world but don’t know where to start.

-You have no real desire to create your own movement practice, content or program from scratch, but you would love to integrate something you value and believe in into your work.

-You’d love to be part of a community and team of like-mind-heart-souled women.

-You’ve done WSM, know how potent of a practice it is and would love to deepen your own personal practice. 

-You’ve done WSM, know how potent of a practice it is and would love to bring it to your friends and family, local community, or even travel the world teaching it.

-You’re someone others turn to for advice and guidance, or notice that even perfect strangers open up to you with their life stories quite easily.

-You prefer to live from your heart, gut or intuition, and would like to anchor into this more deeply as a lifestyle and possible career path.

– You’re drawn to one or more of these things: energy, healing, integration of masculine and feminine energy, ancient wisdom, embodiment, spirituality, social justice, collective liberation, body positivity, new health paradigms, empowerment, women rising, transformation, growth, mindset, reprogramming the subconscious mind, manifesting, rituals.

-Not appropriating from other cultures or practices is important to you.

-You lean towards an entrepreneurial, freelance lifestyle, or want to be a more proactive “CEO of your career.”

– In spite of your successful career or existing accomplishments, you still crave something, “more satisfying to the soul.” 

– You’re set in your career but would love to add something on the side for fun or for more income.

-You’ve read my book, Untame Yourself, listen to the Truth Telling Podcast, and/or follow me on social media and feel safe, inspired, a kinship or just super drawn to the Wild Soul Movement and culture.

-You just know in your bones that you want to be part of this team or work with me more closely.

Since becoming a certified WSM Teacher I’ve been teaching at a local yoga studio and offering private one-on-one sessions. I’ve also taught at destination retreats.

In general I’m more confident, more open, and able to stand in my truth by expressing my opinion more freely than I ever have before. I’m going to continue to offer classes at my local yoga studio, and I’m looking forward to retiring from my traditional job. My ultimate, wild dreaming goal is to own and run a retreat center of my own where WSM classes will be a cornerstone. 

-Christine Juckett, New Jersey

Since becoming a certified WSM Teacher I’ve been teaching at a local yoga studio and offering private one-on-one sessions. I’ve also taught at destination retreats.

In general I’m more confident, more open, and able to stand in my truth by expressing my opinion more freely than I ever have before. I’m going to continue to offer classes at my local yoga studio, and I’m looking forward to retiring from my traditional job. My ultimate, wild dreaming goal is to own and run a retreat center of my own where WSM classes will be a cornerstone. 

-Christine Juckett, New Jersey


Since completing  teacher training I’ve already been able to teach a 6 week series and have held two classes where all money raised went to a local women’s shelter. 

In addition to WSM I work for two non-profit organizations and I’m a much better employee since introducing WSM into my life for multiple reasons. Cutting cords, grounding and using the mantras allows me to be more productive and patient when working with youth, at risk or low income adults and seniors. These tools help me much more than any “employee training” I’ve received. I’m burned out much less and have a lot more passion for these jobs.

I also have firm boundaries in my personal life now on how I spend my time and who I spend it with, particularly with family members and I don’t feel guilty about it. I’m aware of my inner thoughts and don’t allow negative junk to run continuously through my head. I can stop and recognize it for what it is. The usual hang-ups that I’ve had since I was a child don’t prevent me (as much) from pursuing new experiences. And I learned the valuable lesson of investing in myself. It was a big financial decision for me to make and it has done a lot to heal my financial “story” and hang-ups.


-Jennifer Kuhlwein, Calgary, AB, Canada

I made some wonderful friends during teacher training, I wasn’t quite expecting that.  The whole retreat was amazing. I am offering classes and have plans to start a series and run a beta program with pregnant women in my community.  

Since Teacher Training I feel much more invested in WSM…not just as a practice but as a way of living.  It brought the principles of the topics we work with more fully into bodily awareness for me, especially the ones I struggle with.  This has had a positive influence on the way I work and what I share with clients, too. I have a different way of understanding and connecting with my clients’ behavior and new tools to help them literally move through things.  The space holding sessions [in the training] were some of the most valuable. AND, I will be working with Elizabeth to develop a prenatal program.  

-Sheehan Rosen, Montana

This quote has been motivating me and pointing me back towards my soul’s deepest desires for over a decade now.

A related quote I love is, “Service is infinitely scalable joy.” -Dr Matt Kreinheder

This is a truth I have been able to live as the first steward of Wild Soul Movement. I call myself her steward because when the idea arrived in my awareness in 2013, it felt like a being with its own consciousness was looking for a host and co-creator and was inviting me to be the one. 

Because it resonated all the way down to my bones, I said yes and we’ve (Wild Soul Movement and I) have been on a heart-breakingly beautiful, expansive, and healing journey together ever since. 

I was able to get through the three hardest years of my life, because I had this work to share and do in the world. I couldn’t get lost in the dark because through WSM there was always more meaning and purpose beckoning me forward.

If that sounds super weird to you, like in a way that turns you off, becoming a WSM Teacher isn’t the path for you. If you not only “get it” but it excites or inspires you, maybe even sparks something in your own heart, this is a place for you.

Whether becoming a WSM Teacher will just be a stepping stone on your path to your life’s greater mission or service, OR you’re meant to be one of her stewards as well – doing this work is both medicine and a gift for you and whomever you reach with it.

It’s my honor to share it with you, if you choose to step on this path in any capacity listed on this page. 

Big love,

Elizabeth DiAlto, Creator of Wild Soul Movement

Note: All sales are final, there are no refunds on any phase of Teacher Training. If you register for an in-person training and can’t make it, you have up to a year and a half to reschedule from the date of your original training.

For any questions about any phase of Teacher Training please email hello@wildsoulmovement.com and either I or someone on the team will help you out.