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Wild Soul Movement
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WSM Weekend Workshops


Wild Soul Movement is a practice in self-discovery, self-love, self-trust, and self-acceptance. We use movement to learn to connect with and listen to the body. We use mantras to reprogram and empower the mind. And we use meditation to cultivate inner peace.

It’s designed to melt away everything that’s ever made you feel wrong, ashamed, less than, or unsafe as a woman (or woman identifying person), in your sacred body. It’s not about working out, it’s about working in. It’s not about pleasing others, it’s about being pleased with yourself.

During weekend workshops, we work together to redefine the rules, expectations, culture and conditioning that have separated you from your womanhood (whether assigned at birth or not) and your body. This is a path to power, trust and freedom within. It’s the permission and stability you’ve been craving but unsure of how to achieve.


Who Weekend Workshops Are For:

Whether you’ve been wild soul moving with me for years or you’ve never even heard of the practice before, weekend workshops are designed to provide EXACTLY what you are needing in the areas of growth, transformation, connection, community and healing RIGHT NOW.

It’s simply how the practice works.

Below are some of the consistent struggles women who participate in Wild Soul Movement™ have had in common. If you can relate to any of these statements, joining us for a weekend could be just the thing for you:

“I’ve read so many books, taken courses, gone to events in hopes of ‘healing’ or even just feeling better. Nothing has stuck and I feel like there’s something wrong with me.”

“I spend a lot of time in my head and it doesn’t always feel productive. I tend to overanalyze things and beat myself up when I think I made the wrong choice.”

“Once I got married and had kids, I lost complete sight of who I am. I don’t even know what my desires are anymore since I’m always so focused on taking care of everyone else.”

“I am a total people pleaser and have no boundaries. It’s exhausting because I’m constantly doing things I don’t really want to do and sometimes it makes me feel resentful.”

“I don’t really love being a woman and I especially don’t love my body. It’s always felt like more of an inconvenience than anything.”

“I hate my job. I followed this career path because I thought it was what I was supposed to do. I really wish I could do something more fulfilling and not be so stressed all the time.”

“I feel like I have some serious power inside of me but I don’t know how to access it and to be honest, it kind of scares me.”

“I just want to have hot, passionate, sex with the lights on, and really great orgasms.”

“I’m married and I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore, but the idea of leaving terrifies me and I get paralyzed whenever I think about it. Plus, I don’t want to be alone.”

“I am afraid of what people will think if I truly acted like myself, like the way I feel inside and followed my dreams and real desires. It feels irresponsible and self-indulgent.”

“I’ve spent enough money on therapy to put my kids through college, and I still don’t feel any better.”


What’s Included:

All weekend workshops are held on a Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am-5:00pm with a scheduled lunch break from 12:00pm-1:30pm.

Come cozy, in yoga clothes for movement, with a journal and pen for reflection and discovery exercises. Depending on the location, I will also let you know via email if you should bring a yoga mat, and any pillows or blankets for your comfort. We also prioritize accessibility and the movement practice is highly adaptable to all kinds of physical limitations.

There’s nothing you need to prepare before you arrive.



We explore the first two core topics of Wild Soul Movement™:

Surrender + Release, and Trust + Receptivity.

You’ll be guided through embodiment practices, reflective and connective exercises to help you:

• Identify and release the things that hold you back with compassion for yourself and others

• Feel SAFE in letting go and surrendering to life’s natural timing, rhythm, and unfoldment

• Realize the power of forgiveness which can and often does improve EVERYTHING

• Trust yourself AND other people

• Embrace why receiving is just as important as giving and how to do it gracefully

• Invite more pleasure, ease, joy, prosperity, and love into your life



We explore the last two topics of Wild Soul Movement™:

Passion + Purpose and Love + Truth.

You’ll be guided through embodiment practices, reflective and connective exercises to help you:

• Reconnect with your desires and passions from the long-forgotten and abandoned ones to the truest ones you may have buried because you didn’t think you deserved them.

• Discern between passion and purpose, why this is so important and how to employ your imagination as an adult in a productive and valuable way

• Open to the limitless possibilities available to you

• Learn and practice the art of deep, true, lasting self-love

• Operate from more loving, kind, compassionate and courageous perspectives towards yourself and others in life

• Identify, embrace and embody your deepest truths and innate power


IMPORTANT POLICY NOTE: Reservations are not refundable but they are transferable up to one year after your original event date. That means you can transfer your spot to a different event OR another person.


“I didn’t go into this weekend seeking a particular path for myself, I took the opportunity to let feelings arise, without words or stories in some cases. The weekend felt  powerful and balancing and inspirational. A few weeks on, and it’s become even more so. The gentle shifts and changes that opened in one weekend have continued to flow through my life and I’m finding more and more and more, that life is presenting consistent blessings in small and beautiful ways. I can love more freely and openly and with a trust I didn’t even realise was missing in some areas.”  
– Sonya, Australia

“I think the fact that I traveled alone 5 hours to do something for myself was my biggest take away. It opened new doors for me. Also, the community of interacting in person with other woman, that was something my soul needed. Lastly, the Wild Soul Movement really helped me process the information i was learning in a deeper way than I’ve experienced before. It was like my body and spirit were learning more than my brain was able to process.After that weekend something in me shifted, good things started happening externally, I can’t explain it. It was amazing to spend time with other woman with similar mindsets and Elizabeth was amazing.”  
– Brandi B, Louisiana

“I would encourage my girlfriends to spend the time to truly get to know themselves, to learn to trust their intuition and listen to her and to have fun….and you bring great energy to the party. My feedback would be to make them three days instead of two.”
– Dana Berry

The second day of the workshop knocked my socks off with the truths revealed to me and the connections I made. I also met another beautiful soul that I’ve kept in touch with. Doing WSM work is powerful. Doing it with other women, in a live space, amplifies that power.
– Nicole Ayers, South Carolina

“Loved your energy and your work. I could go at my pace and not feel excluded because I couldn’t do some of the moves. You did a good job of showing options. My biggest takeaway was that gentle movement works for me! Huge for me was also an experience of embodying the masculine and the feminine in a way I had not done before. It was amazing to have something I had been noodling with for over a year finally make sense. This is a practice anyone can do. I have other friends with fibromyalgia and this would work for them. I really enjoyed my fist deeper dive into your work. Thanks for all you do in this world. It matters a lot! ”
– Erma C

I’m Elizabeth DiAlto.

The head Wild Soul behind these workshops. Women come to me to know, heal and BE their whole selves. Embodiment, spirituality and sensual living are the components of the sacred work I’m here to do in the world. That means, should you join me for a weekend workshop, you can expect my full presence, energy, guidance and support. As one of my favorite sayings goes, “I’m not new to this, I’m true to this.”

My aim is to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be, while always keeping primary focus on cultivating your trust and faith in the idea that everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of YOU. That’s it. Your power lives within you I am here to help guide you home.